Catholic Church=Where's the Billion Member Voice?


I saw this article on

Why haven’t Catholics across the globe made a noise about this? How does this not make more of the news? At some point, Protestants and Catholics are going to have to group together on some issues or we are going to find ourselves persecuted like the early Christians. Do you think that may be coming?


There’s about 2 billion Christians in the world, Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox, and when a Pentecostal pastor in Sweden was sentenced to a month in prison under the local hate laws for preaching a sermon against homosexuality, I don’t think more than a few percent of that 2 billion found out about it. All Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox should react when they find out about such goings on to fellow Christians.

I think the main problems are that these things are underreported in the generally politically-interested media and that Christians in general have become passive.

Regarding persecution - I do not see that happening in the physical, life or death sense in the near future. However, orthodox Christians may find themselves in prison for daring to state their beliefs in public, especially under hate speech laws. Christianity is not politically correct, and if political correctness becomes enforced in law, we might find ourselves in trouble. A B&B refusing to rent a room out to two homosexuals is or will soon be illegal here, as far as I am aware. If anti-discrimination legislation takes precedence over Christians’ religious liberty in the same way that hate speech legislation appears to be doing, then who knows, maybe it will become illegal for a priest not to marry two homosexuals. That’s far-fetched, I know, but homosexuality was illegal just a few decades ago, and I’m sure the things that happen today, such as gay marriage, would have sounded far-fetched too back then.

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