Catholic churches in Ca-Davis/Sacramento area?


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Hope this question fits with in this forum. Anywho, the husband and I will be relocating for school to the Davis/Sacramento area in California. Just wondering if there is anyone from that area who might have any helpful advice for picking a new church there. I browsed the internet a little in regards to this topic but would like to get some first hand stuff if possible.

Thank you in advance.


Here is the website for the diocese:

The Natomas area of Sacramento, Divine Mercy is great church. It is new parish and starting out. For the Latin Mass, there is St. Stephen's. The Cathdral of the Blessed Sacramento is beautiful.

I hope that this helps.


Thank you muchly.

I appreciate your help. I didn’t think to look for a website for the diocese. I tried to look for churches individually. :slight_smile:

Thank you, again.


Divine Mercy is a great parish!

I’ll be confirmed with other adult confirmants at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacramento on the 11th of June-- feel free to come down! The Cathedral was refurbished and restored about five years ago, and it is gorgeous.

Is there anything specific you’re looking for in a parish? Are you looking for more traditionalist, more granola, or just for active communities? My children are in parochial school, so I’ve been in and around pretty much all the parishes in the area at one time or another.


Well, I'm not quite sure, actually. Maybe something more active, but I think I like traditional, too. :) See, this is all new to me. I was just baptized/confirmed at Easter, so I'm not quite sure what to look for yet! :)

I think I saw pictures of the cathedral during my search on the internet.

I think it also depends. We would prefer to end up in Davis, since that's where my husband's school will be. But it seems it might be more affordable to live in Sacramento. Plus, I will need to find a job and may have to commute to Sacramento anyway, from what I'm told. But, it's good to know we have options! :)


If you prefer a traditional mass, you should visit St. Stephens in Sacramento. It's FSSP and it is very lovely.


On the job hunt, I would suggest looking now for a job in Sacramento. It is a tough job market in this area with the unemployment about 12% and a high foreclosure rate. The ecomony is not great here.


I was worried about that. I live in Santa Barbara area and I was really lucky to find a job right away. But I know I can’t bank on luck with unemployment rates the way they are.

I appreciate the advice!


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