Catholic Churches in Dallas?

There’s a chance I might be getting a job offer in Dallas. Although I’ve never liked the city and haven’t been there since 1984, and would be eager to move elsewhere as soons as I could, I would be (if the offer actually goes through) actually following my career track for the first time since the dot-com bust in '01.

It’ll just be me, my dog, and thousands of books. The catch is I don’t drive and have never owned a car and never plan to. I’m just too poor a driver and too inattentive and scared behind the wheel. Friends tell me it’s possible, though not entirely easy, to live in Dallas without a car, thanks to the busses and train system.

But I don’t know the town. I’m hoping to get a 2-bedroom apartment or house (depending on how much I get paid) in an area with good shopping, parks for my dog, bookstores, etc. But what about the churches? I’ve looked at the Dallas Diocese’s site, but since I don’t know the town, that’s only of modest help.

I’d like to live near a good Catholic church. One of the problems with me now is the church I’m currently a member of is still kinda hard to get to.

What I do not want is one of those pseudo-Protestant, frothing-at-the-mouth, charismatic, liturgical-dancing, glissando piano-playing, hippie Jesus music-making, liturgy-altering, “Rock-me-Amadeus,” borderline irreverent churches.

Any ideas?

Now this deal may not even come to pass, or I may get an offer but the details or money or conditions won’t work out.But I would like to be prepared.It would certainly help in the apartment-hunting.

Hello Seeker63, Tomorrow after lunch I leave on a flight to Dallas. I’m spending the Easter weekend with family there. I have never been there either. The Church I will be attending can be found on this link:’ll let you know how it was when I return next week.

Hmm. I looked at the site and it seems that church is located in Grapevine, Tx., one of the D/FW bedroom communities. Since I’m car-less, I was looking for something more inside Dallas proper.

I don’t know if this is your sort of thing, but I do know that there is a very active Catholic charismatic community in Dallas. I’m not sure what parishes they are associated with though.

I would start by plugging the address of your potential employer into one of the online mapping programs and use that to center a search for a church and then living quarters, overlaying all that against the train and/or bus routes. Your employer might be closer to one of the bedroom communities than you think, in many places you can’t tell you’ve travelled from one into the other.

If you can always get from point A to point B to point C back to point A with just a couple of hops each leg, you should be ok. Not sure about pets on the public transport - potential issue going to a vet or dog park.

I’ve been to mass here: and enjoyed it.

We have also been to Our Lady of Lebanon
Maronite Catholic Church in Lewisville and liked it, though they have not Latinized as much as many eastern rite parishes are, so if you are not already familiar with eastern rite liturgies, you would feel really awkward there. We more or less knew what we were doing and still felt out of place, but intend to go back the next time we are up that way.

You can go to and plug in your local zip code. They’ll list all the local parishes and their distance.

With all respect, I am definitely not looking for anything charismatic. That’s just not my thing.

As for location, well, if I get the job, it’ll be downtown. but as it’s in journalism, I might be able to work from home. I’d like to be able to get to the office if I need to. But I am utterly clueless as to what neighborhood and all I’ll be looking in (assuming I even get the offer). and I don’t know what they’ll pay, so I don’t know what I’ll be able to afford.

But I’d rather be handy to a good church than not, if you know what I mean.

[quote=seeker63]Hmm. I looked at the site and it seems that church is located in Grapevine, Tx., one of the D/FW bedroom communities. Since I’m car-less, I was looking for something more inside Dallas proper.

Hi Seeker63, I’m in Texas right now. I have no idea how a person can servive in Grapevine, Fortworth or Dalls without a car. I think you would be stranded 95% of the time. Everything is very far. You may want to consider a larger city.

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