Catholic Church's Sexism

This question is asked with all due respect: why does the Catholic Church continue its sexism?

Why don’t you stop beating your wife?

What is it that the Church is doing that you consider sexist?

Is this what passes for sophistication at whichever backwater berg had the extreme misfortune of attempting to educate you?

I agree! This Sunday I was complaining because my son has not been invited to attend a high school retreat for vocations, a lot of his female friends attend this event aimed at the discernment of religious life as sisters or nuns. :rolleyes:

What good comes from such a response as this?

What sexism?

Sexism is a political term. The Church isn’t about politics, especially radical feminist politics.

Why would any supposedly intelligent person swallow all that politically correct sewerage into their brain and soul? They’d be better off trying to French kiss a rattle snake.

The troll lives on.

Well I laughed and that’s a good thing.

What good can come from an open-ended and obviously biased question without any examples?

What sexism? I see more equality in the history of the Church than I do ANYWHERE else in religious systems.


It is a real story, it really happened last Sunday! When I mentioned that the first part about sexual discrimination to the other catechists they were concerned because they know my son very well. When I mentioned that it was a discernment day for religious women they almost peed in their pants from laughing. :smiley:

It’s not regarded by either devout Catholic men or Catholic women as sexism. The division of gender roles in the Church is based on Scripture and Tradition: men and women each have their roles to play in religious devotions which are meant for their gender and not interchangeable. The same can be said of Judaism. To someone less involved in the teachings of the religion, it may seem sexist.

Because there is no choice.

As well try to live in Los Angeles and keep the pollution out of your nose and lungs.


:thumbsup: Thankyou that you gave a polite and true answer to the OP.

That is a good point (assuming he is in fact speaking about the priesthood issue, which is far from clear (Edited)

Absurd question.

Historically The Catholic Church has a long history of allowing women far more rights than any other instituition, likely any institution that has ever been on earth. There have been Abbesses in charge of great areas of estates for centuries. Historically, women in Catholic countries have always enjoyed far more property rights than women in other countries. Marital rights of women have been more protected by the Church than probably any other religion. The Catholic Church have honored and reverred far more women than any other institutions:many , many women saints since the very beginning.

Look at Mother Angelica, a Catholic woman who developed and ran a broadcasting empire.

On a personal note, I had a great aunt, who was an administrator of a Catholic Hospital in the 1950s, a time when that position would have NEVER been held by a woman outside the Catholic Church.

And today: in our modern society women are simply objectified as sexual objects and often treated individually no better than household slaves. Today, many wifes are expected to work full-time;yet at the same time,in household after household,the majority of the household and parenting burdens fall on the wife’s shoulders. Yea, women are sold a bill of goods that their sexual freedom and career paths are so wonderful. Try to be one that chooses a different path, then they are not treated so well. But of course, they are then more than slaves also.

An oft-repeated assertion, and nothing could be farther from the truth. The exact opposite is the case. The Church is perhaps the only institution today which repects and honors women.

Rant over.

Women are barred the highest leadership positions based on sex. That barring is textbook sexism.

The Doctors of the Church are among the highest leaders and I see women in their ranks, a lot of women are in charge of diocesan and Vatican offices, not to mention that a woman is the Queen of Heaven. I would say that the Church is less sexist than a lot of secular institutions.

BTW Do you agree that the government should fight for men to be able to get pregnant as women do?

If the way the Catholic Church treats women is sexism, society needs more of it. Because any defense of how women are treated by modern society as a whole is absurd. Look at 50% of billboards when you go down the road and then tell me the Church treats women poorly.

Funny thing, I know a lot of very strong and devout Catholic women. None of them have any problem with the way the Church treats women.

There is only one leadership position… Christ’s. It’s not the fault of the church that Christ is the HUSBAND in that relationship.

Beyond that, Mary is the Queen of Heaven, and Mother church on earth is SERVED by the bishops and priests.

You have your syllogism exactly backwards, Dan.

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