Catholic coach fired for work at Planned Parenthood

An assistant softball coach at Billings Central Catholic School said she was dismissed Monday because of her work at Planned Parenthood.

Tarn Duff, 26, was an unpaid volunteer during the Rams’ 2012 season and received about $1,500 for her work coaching hitters and outfielders during the 2013 season.

Duff, of Billings, said head coach Coleman Rockwell delivered the news to her Monday morning.

“The only reason they gave me was that I work at Planned Parenthood,” she said.

In my books that is reason enough. Personally speaking I think that if joining the Masons is enough for a Catholic to be excommunicated then so should joining Planned Parenthood.

I hope they put it in every contract that working at an organization that dehumanizes and kills unborn innocent babies is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Sorry sweetie, but maybe you should realize…planned parenthood is NOT someplace that a coach for a CATHOLIC SCHOOL should work.

Oh, come on. She is making up facts. She didn’t get fired. She is simply not being offered a contract for the next year. It happens all the time for many kinds of reasons. She says “…she signed a contract but couldn’t recall if it contained a morals clause.” So, does this mean that she also “can’t recall” that her current contract is **expired **and that she isn’t under contract now. You can’t be fired from a contracted job if there isn’t a current contract. Duh.

Since this is taking place in Montana, I wasn’t sure if it involved the same diocese which fired the pregnant, unmarried teacher. After checking, I found out that the two events occurred in different diocese. One involved the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings. The other involved the Diocese of Helena.

[quote=The Montana Standard]“I’m not upset that I lost my job,” she said. “I’m upset that I won’t get to be there for the girls. I like to consider myself a role model to young girls, that hard work and dedication will get you places you want to go in life. …"

The poor women understands herself to be a role model. As an employee for the Diocese/School District, she should have known that her work sets a very poor example.

My thoughts exactly.

Also, what movie is that? My mind is telling me Citizen Kane, is that correct?

This sounds fine to me. Supporting infanticide does not jibe with being a Catholic role model.

The lady stated, " “I’m upset that I won’t get to be there for the girls. I like to consider myself a role model to young girls, that hard work and dedication will get you places you want to go in life." Yeah? This assumes your mommy didn’t kill you.

If you want a laugh, read the comments. I couldn’t figure out the dumbest one. I apologize to those from Montana. I know there are many there that actually can think.

Duff began working as a clinical assistant at Planned Parenthood’s office in Billings in November. Her work entails “pulling people’s charts, scheduling people, things like that,” she said. “I do the basics. I’m the new kid there.”

I absolutely love the work. I have amazing coworkers,” said Duff, who was known as Tarn Potter until her marriage last year to Mike Duff. **“I believe everyone has a choice to decide what they’re going to do with their body. **Planned Parenthood advocates for equal rights, and women and men both go there. People go there to get checkups.”

“I feel brushed off to the side,” she said. “People shouldn’t be treated like this, like the woman at Butte Central. I just wish that people didn’t feel they need to worry about others’ opinions and beliefs when they should just worry about themselves.”

So she is not being fully honest in that she she didn’t get fired, she just didn’t get offered a contract for next year. And then she goes to the press with her inflated story. And she then says the above quote. Looks like she has an agenda to me. She cites the issue with the pregnant Catholic school teacher.

Shocker! A woman who works for and admires an organization that lies to young women for its very existence, also lied about her firing. She may have a future in politics.:rolleyes:

Hear! Hear!:thumbsup:

This is precisely the sort of person you DO NOT want working with adolescent young women. Coaches do a lot more bonding and molding of their charges then merely teach them how to perform physical acts. Since feminine physical issues are bound to come up in that age group which may affect performance and attendance in any sort of athletic activity, what better ‘insider’ to have for proponents of abortion, contraception etc, then a coach who works for PP? No wonder at the howls of dismay. The devil’s own have lost their chance to influence yet another generation of impressionable young women at that school and Satan’s having a good old fashioned hissy fit over it!

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