Catholic colleges and contraception

I’ve been informed that at least one Catholic College (Thomas Aquinas in Santa Paula CA) is being fined for not offering their employees contraceptives in their health plan. In this thread I want to focus on the political-legal aspect of this. Why doesn’t the federal government just offer those college workers a plan of its own, and by-pass the Catholic owner of the College? I thought this is what Obama wanted done, but apparently a college now is being forced to do something they believe is immoral.

Any (legal) thoughts?

When his hit the fan a couple of years ago, I found BC pills on the net for about $10 a month. Some bloggers say they are available for free from Planned Parenthood. It would appear that $10 a month is a very small part of college and its living expenses. These facts and the insistence of the Administration led me to conclude it wants to prevent not pregnancy but Catholics from witnessing their faith.

I agree 100%

On Planned Parenthood’s website (which took me 20 seconds to google) says the following:

[quote]Cost about $0–$50 each month


I believe the cost differences are dependent on the type of prescription the individual woman needs. For example, if she is using it for more than just birth control (to control bad periods, acne, etc) or if cheaper prescriptions do not work due to the individual’s body chemistry.

However, regardless… the issue here is that if you want free birth control from your insurance, you can work at non-Catholic college, especially, not one that is 100% orthodox like Thomas Aquinas College.

According to the Newman Society, the Thomas Aquinas College student body is 98% Catholic, while the faculty is comprised of 96% practicing Catholics.

If you want free birth control, it’s simple. DON’T WORK THERE! I fail to understand why this is even up for debate?!?!?! :banghead:

The Administration could have a separate plan for the workers at the college who want BC. I don’t think the faculty there are actively trying to **prevent **others from using BC

This doesn’t work if the money the college pays provides free or discounted birth control. Additionally, the church will can’t provide a way for people to buy birth control, even though insurance.

If employees of Catholic colleges and schools want to go against Church teachings and sin by using birth control, then they should pay for it out of pocket.

The only exception, I can understand is if a woman needs birth control pills, not for their contraceptive properties, but for their medicative properties in controlling bad periods. In these situations, a medical plan could include a clause requiring the prescription specifically indicate that the medication is for strictly medical reasons and not birth control reasons. And then that could be added by HR as a rider to a plan.

The government could quite easily provide free contraception to those employees, as it already does to low-income individuals. Mr. Obama chose not to because his is not as interested in the provision of coverage as in the imposition of a new moral regime upon the country.



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