Catholic colleges and distance education


Hi all,

I am looking to finish my undergrad education at a Catholic college that offers distance education courses.

Does anyone know of any? Is there an organization I can query?




I think Franciscan University at Stubenville does. St Mary’s in Moraga offers some online classes in certain subject as does Santa Clara…what is your major?



My major is/was business journalism. I’m hoping to add in some life experience credits and seven Religion courses from a Lutheran college.

I think Franciscan only offers grad courses online, an MA in Theology. I’ll check out the other two.



Hi, Gene…also check out Ave Maria University in Florida and Catholic University in Washington DC…also Notre Dame…USF in San Franciso…its a Jesuit University so they will give you a run for your money…



Staff apologist Michelle Arnold mentioned Catholic Distance University to me, at It looks good to me.



Well, I hope CDU has improved since I tried a few courses a couple years back. They have good, solid Catholic materials but the correspondance was poor. If I had a question, I was to fill out a sheet and wait weeks for an answer via snail mail. Nothing emailed or online. Seemed crazy in the age of internet. Also, the tests seemed a little nickpicky. As I said, the reading materials were good, but they would pick out small, trivial, insignificant details for questions which was frustrating. Almost as if they were trying to trick you into a wrong answer so their coursework could be deemed “rigorous.” My GPA though graduate school was about 3.85 and I thought their tests were silly (though I got a 89%).


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