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Well? I myself am in a strange place as a Republican who hates Trump.

I am thinking 3rd Party presently. I am very interested in the American Solidarity Party. I’ll be keeping an eye on who they come up with. Their platform hits a lot of marks for me. Progressive and pro-life!

They both just want to make me hurl. One is corrupt, the other is crazy. Sorry. I know this wont make me any friends.

You should have included Sanders as a choice.

OK, I’ll say it - Trump!

America First - its about time…

The guy I voted for in the Illinois Primary. Trump.

Trump might be crazy like a fox. I doubt a truly insane person would have accomplished all he has accomplished. Sure, his utterances rankle with many, but he got billions of dollars of free media exposure out of it, and still does.

If he had raised the same amount of money and put it into the kinds of rather nasty ads Jeb Bush and his supporters put out, would it have really been better if Bush, himself, “rose above it all”, and didn’t claim to be as nasty as he really was?

Wait until we see what the Dems have to offer in their attack ads. I’ll wager they’ll be so mean and so deceptive they’ll make your toes curl, and no “later clarification” either. Trump is just open about doing what the others do while those others pretend they aren’t.

Personally, I find that refreshing.

Trump, because I think there is a chance he will appoint someone decent to the Supreme Court. With Clinton or Sanders I think that chance is zero.

third party

A vote for a lesser evil is still a vote for evil, I can vote for someone who is a good candidate but may not have much of a chance and not vote for something evil.

We need to move beyond this idea that we have to vote for one of the two major parties.

I wouldn’t have figured it before. But Trump would have my vote if there’s no other choice.

At least he’s paying his own way. At least he’s got such a big mouth that there’s not much chance of him keeping many secrets. At least Putin respects him so we’ll have less of that nonsense. At least when he gets out onto the world stage we’ll be taken with an extra helping of caution if respect is no longer possible. Right now we’re being laughed at and disrespected in too many places. Well with Trump they might still laugh, but they sure as hell will think twice about crossing us.

I don’t know what else to say. I never thought I’d be in this situation of voting for an egotistical maniac. But man. I’m hungry for what he’s got on offer. So yeah. I’ll bite.

I’m honestly not sure yet. There was no undecided option. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am in the same strange place. I will probably vote for Trump but if it is clear that the electoral college votes for Texas are not in play, I may vote third party to . Austin Peterson (L) is interesting. He’s a Libertarian in the Ron Paul, pro-life, mold.

I am leaning towards voting for Trump. I believe he would at least listen to the Catholic Church on pro life issues and maybe could be worked with. Clinton would not just continue Obama’s pro abortion and anti Catholic stance she would most definitely ramp it up.

Voting for a third party candidate is still voting for a lesser of any number of evils. Unless your voting for the Blessed Mother lol.

I’m appalled at the number of Trumps. :eek:

I’m a no-vote.

I refuse to vote “lesser of two evils,” especially in this case where it’s hard to tell exactly which candidate that term applies to. :ehh:

On the plus side I haven’t had jury duty for 10 years! :thumbsup:

Yes. :slight_smile:

Lol! :rotfl: :D:thumbsup::thumbsup:

Nothing personal, but I am sick of all the people saying they won’t vote, especially the so called “traditional conservatives”. They, more than anyone else, because of their supposed adoration of the US Constitution, should hold the right to vote as sacred. :mad:

Get it figured out and vote!:cool:

Pretty much it. Even if you think the executive branch will be lost in either case (or stay lost, after B.O.), there is a chance to save the USSC for decades.

Presently I am in the 3rd party camp (Darrell Castle - Constitution Party). Trump is presently on the outs for me (the one thing I admire about him is that if elected, he would knock a significant blow to the political correctness that has infiltrated our society). If I had the place odds on it right now:

80% confident I’ll be voting for Darrell Castle (Constitution Party)
10% confident I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party)
10% confident I’ll be voting for Donald Trump (Republican Party)
0% confident I’ll be voting for Bernie Sanders (Democrat Party)
0% confident I’ll be voting for Hilary Clinton (Democrat Party)


*Darrell Castle’s positions line up with mine. Unfortunately, he’s only on the ticket in about half the states.
*Gary Johnson’s positions mostly line up with mine, unfortunately, he’s pro-abortion and is in favor of open borders (both of which are contrary to my positions).
*Donald Trump’s constantly changing positions has me in the ‘mostly likely not voting for him category’. He’s said some very dangerous things which makes him a very low priority right now.
*Bernie Sanders is a socialist. Not getting my vote. Full stop.
*Hilary Clinton. Extremely dishonest. How she’s even still in this race is a testament to how far we have fallen as a nation (MHO of course). Not getting my vote. If the only two candidates were Sanders & Clinton, I would vote for Sanders.

I have my reservations about Trump but Hillary Clinton is not fit in any way shape or form to be potus. If Bernie wasn’t pro gay and abortion I would vote for him. I really loved Ben Carson and hoped he would make it all the way but alas he has not. Anyway Trump has some things that I can stand behind morally, Hillary does not. Aside from being a woman there is nothing share with her.

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