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Inspired by the “Jack Chick parody” thread:

Found through this site (Google catholic comics): “Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact”, 1949-1963

Some religious topics.

I was a regular subscriber to Treasure Chest at my Canadian Catholic school in the early 60s.

This year’s presidential race reminds me of the one series that ran in the 1964 editions looking forward to the 1976 election, the candidate was unseen throughtout the series until he was elected and shown to be a black man.

I’m a long time comic book fan, I don’t sadly have time to collect like I did when younger but I do keep abreast of new comic book companies and titles and maybe people here might like these:-

Thank you for the link to the comics. I’ve been reading them and they’re very interesting.

I have several web pages on Catholic comics and Christian comics from a Catholic perspective. A link to the on line Treasure Chest comics is near the top of Comics on Catholic Saints and Heros

You can also find the old Arcadius Press web site or what is left of it. The link on the post above is dead, but I have linked to the page on the Internet Archieve. Arcadius Press is no longer operating, at least as far as I know.

I have pages on how to get Catholic and Christian comics into the public library. I also have pages on how to get Catholic books and DVDs into public libraries.

My husband has a collection of a comic books from the late 1980s called “Evangeline–Nun With A Gun.”

In spite of the graphic violence and use of four-letter words, it’s a pretty good comic. The premise is that the world is taken over by evil people, and the Vatican is the lone holdout, but it is now underground, and nuns and priests are like agents fighting evil.

Evangeline, as you can imagine, is very beautiful in her leather combat fatiques and habit.

One plot that was particularly interesting involved keeping aborted embryos and raising them for their body parts and fluids. This plot happened before stem cell research became a public issue. I remember at the time wondering if anyone would ever use embryonic stem cells to treat medical conditions.

I have often wished that this short-lived series could be made into a screenplay, but I’m guessing that it would probably cause outrage among many Catholics and possible from the Catholic Church, too.

I am a comic book artist and i just started my company with my wife and some friends, hopefully i can bring Catholicism to the world of comics in a new way with new media.

Awesome DChacon! I always loved Nightcrawler :smiley:

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