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I live in Florida near the new town of Ave Maria and was hoping to live there but it looks to be too expensive for a large middle class family living off one income. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a nice Catholic community either here in Florida or Georgia that is devout and has nice schools…I’m looking for a place where people are striving for simplicity but still being a part of the world. I’m looking for a simple Catholic town with a simple Catholic school. Does one exist here in the South?
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I don’t think there is any such thing as a “Catholic town”; Ave Maria seems to be the first. I’m not sure if average Catholic families on one middle class income could swing the purchase price there, from what I’ve heard (I do not pretend to have first-hand knowledge, but have heard from friends who went to check it out that it was fairly pricey.)

You’d do better looking into a community with a lot of Catholics, though I don’t know how you’d ascertain that, actually. We’re in Mobile, and, as in many coastal areas, there are many more Catholics here than inland in the state, with some very good Catholic schools. I would imagine other places in Florida would have significant Catholic populations (Orlando, perhaps, with the Mary, Queen of the Universe shrine???)

Good luck with your search.


The only other one in the South that I know of is in Arkansas:


Frances… I went to their website and I looked around… they didn’t have anything about their population size… Do you know anything?


Thanks guys. The link to the community in Arkansas was interesting. I’ll be stuck here in Florida or Georgia though. With my experience investigating Ave Maria, I’ve decided that I would prefer living in a regular place with a mix of different kinds of people… Just looking for a nice church and school, that’s all.
Thanks again, and if anyone else has ideas, please let me know. I am in the diocese of Venice right now, and the schools are so expensive compared to other parts of the state. I am having a hard time finding out if schools are orthodox or if they have “fallen away” too. They should publish this stuff somewhere…I just can’t find it…


Sorry, Blest, I’ve no idea how many reside there, but just by looking at the pictures on the site it does seem to be a rather small community.


I hear about this University all the time on Relevant Radio–how neat that you live near there! I live about 15 miles north of Tampa…I think that the Catholic faith is just thriving here…the churches are all packed on the weekends…everyone singing…lots of clubs. I mean, Florida has become a hustle and bustle place…lots of crime and traffic, but truly, where we have chosen to live, is really a bit different than that.


How far north in Georgia can you go? There is one in Covington.


Chattanooga, Tennessee is beautiful and the most pro-life city in the country. The one abortion mill was closed down due to concerted community action. But it is not Catholic. 3% is Catholic. I know a Baptist minister there who spearheaded the closing of the abortion mill who talked about the evil of contraception at every talk he gave and who had just had his 11th child.

The cost of living is also low.

If you move there, be ready to defend your faith. But the people are very nice.


I have checked out Ave Maria, I am thinking Ave Maria is your best bet…there are all sorts of builders in all price ranges and the community clearly meets your requirements,I think they even have their school up and running now.****


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