Catholic Condoms


…latex condoms with the tips cut off.

Would it be immoral to partake in the procreative act with such a condom?

My question: Is the wrongness of contraception in the contracepton mindset (I want to prevent pregnancy; not being fully open), or is there something wrong about the material object itself as well?


What would be the point of using a condom with the tip cut off? Why bother?

The only “Catholic” condom I know about is the perforated ones that doctors give men to use to determine if there is a problem with sperm counts.


If the purpose is to for a medically nessesary test, it is ok to engage in relations with the tip of the condom cut-off.



If someone were ever to manufacture a condom that did not have the tip cut off, but made the condom so that it were, say, 50% less effective than most condoms (i.e. “slightly porous”), would Catholics be allowed to use that?


No - because then you are only 50% open to life. :wink:



Someone show me one medically necessary need for knowing sperm count. I don’t believe there is one. Masturbation for the purposes of fertility tests is immoral. So is the use of a perforated condom. Just because the medical industry produces such things does not make them right.



Catholic doctors give perforated condoms to men to determine sperm count. It’s the only moral way to do so.


This is a test used when a couple is having trouble conceiving. Most of the tests for the wife are more invasive so the first step is usually to rule out low sperm count or immotile sperm. If a couple is using the perforated condom method of collecting sperm, they are not using masturbation but rather the normal marital act. The use of a perforated condom under those circumstances is not immoral.


I don’t know about medically NECESSARY, but if a couple chooses to investigate their fertility they still need to stay within the moral law. Which is where the perforated condoms come in. A man who is using one of these types of condoms will engage in intercourse with his wife and the ejaculate that remains in the perforated condom is used for examination. Yes, masturbation for fertility test is immoral, but by using the perf. condom, conjugal act is still procreative.


Originally Posted by kittery:

Yes, masturbation for fertility test is immoral, but by using the perf. condom, conjugal act is still procreative.

the perfect condom, eh? :smiley:


I worked in one of the top fertility clinics in the country for eight and half years - trust me, I’ve had more men masturbate within 30 feet of my desk than I care to think about. And yes, sometimes the wives when in with them if they were not allowed to go it alone. The stories I could tell you would make you ill.

I’m sorry - but I have very strong feelings when it comes to reproductive technologies. Using a perforated condom is not a “normal marital act”. You are not 100% open to the possibility of life if you are trapping the majority of the sperm before it can even go anywhere.



lizaanne, you’re kidding, right? You have never heard of people with fertility problems? There are moral ways to treat fertility problems that stay within Catholic moral law, but the doctors need information to help people. And one of the most basic pieces of info they need is which side the problem is on. Also, can’t doctors diagnose other problems by examining a man’s ejaculate? I mean, we are looking into a window of how his testes and seminal system works. I think I have heard of cases of cancer being caught this way, because there were cancerous cells in with the sperm.



See #4.


With all due respect to the USCCB - I think that is a cop out. And it is not infallible teaching. But I will submit to their authority and leave it alone. Does not mean I agree.



Fair enough.


I’m not trying to challenge you, but am genuinely asking the question based upon your experience and your strong feelings about this - what would you recommend? I know you can’t give medical advice on these boards, but I’m curious to know what options are out there.

I’m sure at some point, my husband and I will have to face this; not to pursue immoral means to achieve pregnancy, but to determine what our issues are regarding fertility. So, I am very curious about options I may never have heard of.


StratusRose’s link was very informative!


Isn’t it a bit silly to wear a condom with the tip cut off ? What would be the point? I thought men didn’t like wearing them anyway.



Yes Kittery, the couple needs to stay within the moral law. And the Church has stated that the use of a perferated condom within the context of determining medical treatment IS within the moral law.


The OP brings up an interesting point.

Although a condom with no tip would provide no protection from most STDs, it’s conceiveable that it would hamper the spread of genital warts, depending on their location.

So, here’s a for-instance: if a husband had picked up such trophies from previous escapades before his marriage, would such a condom be an acceptable means of trying to keep his wife from being exposed to the virus? Seems to me that it might be…


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