Catholic Confessions in Lviv (does anyone know?)


This may be an unusual question but I was wondering…does anyone live in Lviv (Ukraine) and knows about a possibility of catholic (Greek or Roman, I don’t really mind) confession in English. I think I’ve seen that some people had it in their profile but I don’t remember who. I’m here stuck for some time and unfortunately I know only very few words in Ukrainian. Thank you! :o

In Christ,

PS: Uups, I was going to post in the in the Eastern Christianity forum but meh…I made a mistake. I’m not sure where’s the best place for this so I apologize. Just move it wherever you think it fits the best. :slight_smile:


There is a new catholic university in Lviv. Just google catholic university Lviv. Should be plenty of contacts there. Also should you be in Kiev the Sunday 8:30 morning mass is in English. I believe they have confessions before hand. I believe it is St Alexanders. Its near Krashatic street just of the main square.


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