Catholic Confusion at the Very Top

Interesting article on the Seattle Catholic website:

Catholic Confusion at the Very Top
by David Palm
Overcoming My Resistance to Face the Facts
(Reprinted with permission from NEW OXFORD REVIEW, 1069 Kains Ave., Berkeley, CA 94706, U.S.A.)

I used to also be in denial about the problems in the Church. I think with the current revelations about the Legionaries of Christ (and how their supporters in the past were so against any criticism at all) just illustrates that we cannot be in denial about the problems “even at the top”.

What do you think about this article? Agree? Disagree?

I have only had time to skim it briefly. One thing I notice, though, is that most - perhaps not all - of the controversies which have come forward recently are, in one form or another, really quite ancient. As they say, “What goes around comes around.”

But thank you so much for posting it. I will read every word as soon as time permits.

The article is almost 6 years old, so a lot of it is not relevent anymore. John Paul II exercised more tolerance in the later years of his pontificate. This is probably due to his ailments and inability to adequately fulfill his papal responsibilities. This is not to say that he was incapacitated, but he still made the decisions.

Some Catholics believe that it is a sign of apostasy or sinfulness when one does not agree with their bishop or priests, and that criticism of their lack of skills or failure to uphold the teachings of the Church. Well, it’s sinful NOT to take them to task on their blatant failures. Jesus said listen to what they say because they preach the Word of God, but do not follow their examples. In that sense, Hildebrand was correct.

The article touched on many things that are still problematic in the Church today, but does not give Benedict XVI credit where credit is due because of when the article was written.

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