Catholic Consumerism How Far is Too Far?


Ever since I stopped working and finally was able to stay home with my kids, I’ve a new and wonderful social circle of Catholic stay at home moms. Every now and then I feel that socioeconomic status divides us and makes me feel weird about things.

These gals are spendy compared to me. Some of it is necessary frugality on my part and some of it is I just don’t want these things.

I’m noticing a lot of targetted advertising for things that are Catholic but don’t really need to be. Catholic dayplanners are all the rage. Some of them starting at 60 dollars.

Price aside, how far do you think is too far when using Catholicism as a sales gimmick?


Catholic toothbrushes…if they aren’t made by nuns or something, too far.


Catholic makeup

Little flower lipgloss
Mother Theresa wrinkle cream
(Insert burnt martyr’s name) smokey eye shadow

Too far


I prefer to live simply, if the brand is Catholic all the better, but if its pricey and out of our budget then probably not.


If it helps someone with their faith or to evangelize, then I think it’s all good.

If it’s solely to make money then not good.

For example: a “Kiss me, I’m Catholic” shirt or a “Catholic Day Planner” can be good because it could start a conversation with someone. Or a Catholic day planer with small daily Bible quotes or saint of the day would be great too for spiritual development.

Catholic soap or Catholic toothbrushes are most likely too far unless made by religious (or other Catholic groups) as a fundraiser

God bless



I wonder if there is a market for Catholic Breakfast Cereal? Could name it “Prime Cereal” or “Prime Breakfast” (after the traditional name for early morning prayer called “Prime”) :nerd_face:


Do you think on some level, the Catholicity of a product causes rationalizing away spending behavior?

Like, I normally wouldn’t spend this kind kind of money on myself, but this is Catholic…

or I normally would buy generic and store brand things instead of luxury items, but this is Catholic…


OP, I really don’t think what you are talking about is even a thing outside Catholic mommy circles. I wouldn’t worry about it.


Well that’s a relief! Let’s hope it doesn’t spread and that I keep a level head. After a few years of this I could be unrecognizable.


I’m a 21 year old lady and reading some of what the moms on CAF post makes me scared of reproducing. Is this what will happen to me? One lady yesterday wanted to start a conversation on spiritual waste yesterday because, when she heard yesterday’s Gospel, the thing she immediately thought of what the mess left behind after Jesus fed the masses. She blamed it on being in the potty training stage with her kids.

I’m scared.


I say, Phil, we start a new company!


Cardinalbird can be your Toucan Sam on the cover.


Don’t be too scared. Catholic momcircles are the bees’ knees compared to some of the other momcircles you may also find yourself in. Something does happen to the brain that makes us feel a bit diminished compared to our old selves but it might be for a purpose, some kind of multitasking keeping the kids alive purpose. I’m hoping it’ll sharpen back up a little with some crossword puzzles and less babies in the house. If I instead spiral into wild dementia, hopefully one of them will help me around.

At 21, you’re almost to the point where your female coworkers will start to sell all kinds of garbage to you. It isn’t just a mom thing. We ladies need to band together and end this, but it’s just everywhere.

I remember the poo thread you are talking about.:laughing: I suspect that wasn’t her only takeaway from the gospel. She probably wanted to see how far the extended metaphor could go, but before she said poo I definitely thought she meant food that didn’t get eaten.


Or how about a knock off on Cheerios called “Halos”?!?!


That’s already a brand of clementines.


Yes! and like Aldi we can sell good cheap food! We can give the store name after our patron saints names, Phil & Matts, the Apostles produce store!


Ok, ok… how about “Saintly O’s” for the Cheerios knockoff…?


And prayers cards inside each box!


Don’t know. Just make sure that it’s made with 100% organic angel tears and incased in 100% recycled cardboard.


I like it, I like it.

We can offer Mystic Monk Coffee, Monks’ Bread, Eden Foods products, Goya products, etc!

But I draw the line at candy rosaries. I’m not a fan of those things. :slight_smile:

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