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In attempt to negate really some of the sources I use, I have heard that in America it is really a diffrent brand of Catholicism. You know, We might not worship Mary in america but in Mexico they do. We may beleive in religious freedom in America but in south america they don’t. And on and on. Basicly saying that Catholicism in America changed to adapt to being in a Protestant domenante country and not a 93% catholic south american or european country where the Catholic Church can “excert control” which is where you see real catholicism. What should I say in response? Thanks and God bless.


You just simply say that the Catholic Church is universal and it has the same universal teachings in every country.


Why don’t you get up and go travel in S. America C. America, and some of these “Catholic” countries and then you will have a better idea. But be carful! You might learn something.


Considering how Catholicism has been officiall oppressed by the government for an awful long time in Mexico, it seems a little specious for an argument.

And considering how little influence the Church has in Europe today, I’d throw caution to the wind there, also.

Given, the cultures were leavened by the faith for many centuries. But, even in the U.S., until recently, bishops often exerted more control over the faithful. Indeed, it is true that the idea of “religious freedom” and respect for the individual’s journey of faith in some ways comes from our own cultural experience. Perhaps, more so, is the reality that as Catholics advanced ecomomically in the U.S. they sacrificed their principles for making their own way without anyone or anything “holding them back”.


I’ve lived in South America and have never seen anyone worshiping Mary. If some people do that then they are heretics and they aren’t following the teaching of the Church which is universal and maintains the same teachings in every country.


I am from a Catholic “controlled” country in South America (Ecuador) and my mother is from Peru, (so I have visited Peru many times during my life) and also I have been to many other countries in Southamerica and in Mexico and I tell you that THIS IS NOT true. We Southamerican Catholics do not WORSHIP MARY. The Catholic church does not control the goverment! Just look at Colombia, how the Church is persecuted and bishops are killed, just look at Venezuela, where the President, Hugo Chavez, calls one of the most revered bishops a liar and says that he will go to Hell and many other examples.

So just tell them that they are speaking either out of ignorance, or bigotry, and that they should go to Southamerica and see what is happening before they speak.

I tell you I FIND no difference between the devout practicing Catholics here in USA and the devout practicing Catholics in Southamerica.

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