Catholic converts, what was your first impression of the Blessed Sacrament?


It amazes me when new converts to the Catholic faith realizes that Jesus is present amongst us hidden in the Blessed Sacrament.

I like the expression made by Scott Hahn and Alex Jones. I would like to hear your first impression of the Holy Eucharist. Jesus is indeed dwelling amongst me.


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Before I converted at 15, when I was under the general impression that Catholics are going to hell for worshipping Mary:rolleyes: , I lamented to God how much I wanted a father. "I know you are there and everything,"I remember crying, “but I need you here, really here. I can’t take care of myself.” I was just a kid, 14 that summer, when an hour after that ejaculation I had that chance meeting with the priest from the local parish that invited me to Church, then to RCIA, making sure I had transportation to and from every Sunday. I recognized that God had answered my plea two fold, with this wonderful *alter Christus *and then answering my prayer literally with the Eucharist. After something like that, the Eucharist is never anything less to me than Thomas being shown the wounds of His savior. My heart says, “I doubted, but you showed me. I disbelieved, but you remembered me and loved me.”


I knew it was Him. I had known Jesus since I was seven, and I recognized Him in the Blessed Sacrament.


When I was a member of the Assemblies of God I believed quite firmly, but wrongly, that bread and wine could never become the body and blood of Jesus. It seemed preposterous at that time.

Then I returned to the church of my childhood, the Episcopal Church, where I didn’t think about what I was receiving except that I believed I was receiving Jesus, although just how I didn’t know.

A few years later I entered RCIA and still thought of communion as I had in the Episcopal Church (I don’t think we’d dealt with the Real Presence in RCIA, as yet). So, I had continued to receive, knowing no better.

I felt prompted in my heart to ask the priest if I could receive. He asked me if I believed in the Real Presence. To the best of my knowledge I’d never heard the expression before, but suddenly I not only understood what it meant, but I instantly believed in it.

I can’t explain it except to say that God graced me with the gift of knowledge and faith in that one second of time. From then on the Eucharist has been alive to me in every way, and the thing I cherish most about going to Mass.


Once I had come to grips with the issue of Magesterial authority I “knew” that Jesus was really present in the Sacrament. But I didn’t really know it until I actually entered the Church. That was when I finally got what I’d call an impression - when I was finally able to receive our Lord sacramentally.

And I was absolutely blown away. It was like something opened up inside of me and began gushing rivers of life.


Any other Catholic converts want to share their experience?


Ya know, to be honest, I didn’t have much opinion of the Blessed Sacrament, at first.

Having read a lot of Catholic theology and books on Catholicism, in general, I knew Catholics reverenced the Eucharist, and so to be more Catholic I just followed suit. If Catholics believe its really Jesus, then okay, I’ll believe it too - so I thought. However, the interesting thing about me is that when I wasn’t originally able to become Catholic in 2005, because of personal conflicts, I was outraged and often told people that I was outraged how I wasn’t able to take communion with the rest of the church - but even then I wasn’t quite sure what I was outraged about because I had no clue what I was being kept from!

It literally took me right up to Easter Vigil for me to understand and appreciate the Blessed Sacrament. Before then, even in my best, most pious soon-to-be Catholic moments, the Eucharist still seemed awfully strange and common.


My first impression, after I realized what the body and blood really was was that I wanted it badly. Of course I had to wait until I received confirmation, but even now almost a year later I am practically the first one to get in line to receive! I feel whole and complete now that I have discovered the truth about the Eucharist and the Church.


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