Catholic-Converts: Why did you leave the Protestant Church?


The question is stated above.


I needed to have Christ and his truth in their fullness. If we do not have the fullness of truth how can we possibly know how to be as pleasing to God as we can, or know how to properly serve God and our fellow man?


I was kicked out.

A tribunal was convened and a “jury” of people, some of whom I had never even met, deemed me “unloveable and unteachable” and asked me and my husband to find another place to worship.

The charges against us were trumped up by a woman pastor who was fired from the church a year later after she was caught in a lie.


John 6.


Actually because of the theology of the Church. Roman Catholicism does not make bible verses contradict one another. I like that.:thumbsup:


John 6. And if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have been obeying that which I knew the Holy Spirit was leading me to.

Convicted by the Holy Spirit and led to the Catholic Church:amen:


I was never comfortable with the once-saved-always saved credo, so when my cousin and great-aunt married Catholics I asked what they believed. And what do you know–it MADE SENSE! Everything I read about the Church simply made loads more sense than what I had always been taught. Swimming the Tiber just seemed the logical thing to do.


WHAT!!!??? This is the most unbelievable story I have ever heard! They actually called you ‘unlovable’? And asked you to leave?

Thank God you found your way back home, if that happened to me I probably would have been wondering the earth for the rest of my life hating everybody.



Your name expresses the way I feel. I am very grateful that God in His mercy let us be kicked out of the Protestant church so that we would be free to join the Catholic Church!


Well, I certainly hope you found loving and caring people in your parish. :hug1:

Unlovable…that’s downright un-Christian! :mad:


I was driving from Kansas to Nevada, and stopped at a truck stop on the Kansas Turnpike to find an audiobook for the journey. I picked up one called “The Lamb’s Supper”, by Scott Hahn. I was expecting some cool end of the world stuff, since it was billed on the box as a study of the book of Revelations, it also said on the box that it linked the mass with the Apocalypse as well. Anyway, in retrospect, I’m certain that the Holy Spirit must have guided me to this book. By the time I got to Nevada, I already yearned to experience the Holy Eucharist. I went to a couple of masses, played the book for my wife, she went to mass with me, (she was an atheist), we both ended up in RCIA, and each of us were brought into the Church and experienced our first Holy Eucharist April 15, 2006 at the Easter Vigil. This whole span from hearing the audiobook, until that incredible day was about 2 years. My conversion was so profound, that I truly died to my former self in virtually every way. This was not a real gradual thing. God landed on me like a ton of bricks. I can not even imagine why I ever lived in any other faith tradition. I truly can not feel or touch back on my life before my conversion in the normal sense of memory. I can see my past, like anyone, I suppose, but I don’t feel present to myself in those memories. It’s like watching a movie. I’m just a character, playing a role in my past I’m 50 years old. In a way, that’s a lot of years to make up for with whatever gift of time God has in store for me yet. But I’m okay with that. If my earthly life ends tonight when I go to bed or on my way home from work, or whatever, I feel it was complete because I have felt the power of the sacramental life, reconciliation, Eucharist, a blessed, sanctified, and vocational marriage, and my death will be sacramental as well. I am among the luckiest and wealthiest men alive.

Why did I leave Protestant faith (AND Buddhism, in my case)?

The Sacraments,

The Truth!!!



Mary, the Mother of God,

St. Francis of Assisi

St. Augustine,

St. Thomas Aquinas,

Scott Hahn,

Mother Angelica,

Mother Theresa,

The Little Flower,

St. Mary Magdelene,


Pope John Paul II,

Pope Benedict XVI,

Bishop Joseph Pepe

Father Bede Wevita,

St. John Neumann Parish RCIA Program

and above all the beautiful and incredible intervention of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit into my life.

I now work to bring others to conversion in RCIA as a Catechist.

Praise be to God, and may ALL souls one day come home,

Yours in Christ,



Why did I leave the Baptist faith?
I was raised Baptist, and my parents, with whom I’m still very close, still are Baptist. I left that tradition when I was about 18. Nothing dramatic happened. I just found it empty. Kind of like a pretty box with nothing inside.

Why did I become Catholic?
I didn’t come home to the Church until much later. I married a Catholic girl. I agreed to raise the kids Catholic, but told her I would never convert. After a long struggle I decided that I owed it to my wife and kids to investigate the Church with an open mind. The Christmas eve after 9-11 I was watching Midnight Mass from Rome on tv. The whole world was talking about revenge, pay-back and getting them “dead or alive.” All the Holy Father could talk about was love, peace and reconciliation. I realized at that moment that if Jesus Christ had a representitive on this earth his name was John Paul II. The more I looked into the Church the more I loved her. And the rest is history.



Hi, I was baptized into the catholic church. Went to the catholic schools did it all. During that time my parents was attending a protestant church, what was i supposed to do? GO WITH THEM. RIGHT? Well yeah I did. my mom dad bro and myself. Many many many years later living in the states (New York) still being a evangelical chrisitan met my significant other at college. Had alot of complications with my pastor and him. There was no LOVE when she was talking to him. She practically thought he was the devil. NO JOKE!! I was shocked, knowing she is a sweet lady. NOT!!! I couldn’t see her for a loving shepard. This is how I was raised. I respected catholics BUT they worshipped MARY, that’s what we all thought. but talking to my other. his name is ROB. we spoke alot about the church. we were looking for TRUTH. we have 2 kids now Gabriella will be 6 in july and isabella is 5 months. we couldn’t see our kids confused and well we found it. i was sooooooooooooo shocked to find out what happened with the reformation and all that. still confused but everyday i learn something new. I as a protestant then wondered why did the catholic add books. when it was the opposite. HA HA we took the books out lol… try telling my mom that. she’ll flip, never believe me. look for truth and GOD will show u all u need to know. i can write so much but this is all i can for now. but i was blinded and i’m so happy i can see now. i love my protestant family but i can’t step into my parents church. they teach from every version out there. i had to get rid of all my KJV bible. i shouldn’t even call it the bible. my hubby and i got the douay rheims and well every thing that’s approved by the church. that’s it for now


Simple. I moved to Mississippi. Nothing like the Bible Belt to bring out my natural sympathy for the underdog.

One day, I finally had enough of the fact that anyone with an opinion and two people to listen to it could (and did) open a church. I had enough of the radio commercials for a website called “God Said/Man Said”. I had enough of the Left Behind series that was on every Wal-Mart’s book shelf. Mostly, I had enough of a million churches all telling me that THEY had it right, and the schmos down the street were all going to hell. I was surrounded by a million mini-popes, all of whom were promising “fun, entertaining, and energetic worship opportunities”.

Finally, I left the Protestant church because our Lady, who had so gently been working on me for well over a decade, finally got through my thick skull.


I am going to recommend the book, “The House Where the Hardest Things Happened” by Kate Young Caley - it’s a story about a woman whose family was kicked out of a Protestant church when she was a child, much like you mention.


Matthew 28:
Then Jesus approached and said to them, “All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me.
Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit,
teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. ***And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.” ***
Jesus didn’t say that He would abandon His Church or change it or reform it or let it splinter into a million sects…and that Church is, was, and always will be, the Catholic Church.
Good, bad or ugly—it is the Catholic Church.
When I left JWs I knew I would never be a Christian unless I was a Catholic Christian.
I asked a priest one question—‘what books am I not allowed to read?’ and when he looked shocked that I would even ask and told me I could read anything I wanted to read, and told me I could go to the Vatican Libraries to read it all…I knew I was home.


I have always found it interesting that here in Elvis Country our the Church attracts lots of spirit filled committed converts. I think it’s partly because of the “underdog” thing. It’s tough to be Catholic in Elvis Country. And for converts…you really better mean it, because the culture won’t carry you along. You have to be committed and work at it. Maybe that’s why the Church is growing so much down here.


Heehee…no kidding. I never heard of a Chick Tract until I moved down here. And I grew up in Detroit, where there were TONS of Catholics, you’d think I’d have run into at least one of those gems…now I just have to convince my library that putting Rebecca Brown books in the “non-fiction” section is just plain silly.


Cause cassocks look tight

…and some minor theological issues…you know, like the Eucharist…and…stuff…


I turned away from Protestantism long ago because I just didn’t buy the guarantee of salvation a lot of Protestant churches teach, and I was really dissatisfied with the treatment of Mary (even during my anti-Christianity phase I always felt an affinity for Mary). It was a long time before I could even look at Christianity. I came to the Catholic Church after being brought back to God through personal revelation and doing a lot of studying of scripture and history. I can’t find any other Church that even comes close to what the Catholic Church has (fullness of Truth, transubstantiation, veneration of Mary, emphasis on good works, etc).

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