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I often use this website in my argument with non-believers and other such people online, they have some GREAT philosophical arguments and refutations for even the toughest moral questions regarding Atheism, homosexuality, abortion, etc.

The problem is, they are Christian, not Catholic. What’s wrong with that? Well, aside from the good content, they also have some not-so-good content, as in, articles condemning “Roman Catholicism” and articles condoning the use of birth control and masturbation. They also seem to rely too heavily on biblical text to support their arguments. Does anyone know of a Catholic counterpart to this website? A place where I can find good analysis of all the modern moral social issues without taints of immorality or heresy in the mix? :shrug:


Here’s a very important point, The Catholic Church Is Christian. The Catholic Church is the Church founded by Jesus Christ. For 1600 years, it was the Only Christian Church in western Europe. Those non-Catholic Denominations were founded by men who split from The Catholic Church in the 16th century or later.

Yes. Catholic Answers has this really great Forum. You can find it at You may have heard about it. And they have a really nice library on their parent site,

Minor point: Sixteenth Century = 1500’s. Protestantism was invented in the early 1500’s. Which is still 1500 years too late :smiley:

:slight_smile: Best answer!

I am on an ongoing boycott of that anti-Catholic site for their lack of moderation. They allow anyone to say anything about the Catholic Church but will not even allow a catholic to quote or link church teaching in clarification or refutation.

CAF is better that that on their worst days and there are very very few of those.

I would post there again for anything. also has great philosophical arguments and refutations of questions about atheism, homosexuality, and abortion. Browse their tracts at:, and use the “filter by category” links on the left.

Or use the search box to search for things like atheism and God’s existence, and use the filter on the left to search within their magazine articles. Their magazine, Catholic Answers Magazine, has some really powerful arguments in it that you could quote and link to.

I agree. I wouldnt use anything from that site, or direct anyone to it. The man in charge says he was former Catholic but has either absolutely no true understanding of the Church or is simply a liar.

I responded to some of his bilge on the site, and instead of responding in a dialogue he simply wanted to get me on his radio show. He wanted to nothing other than grandstand. I think this is one of the worst sites in terms of its offensive and incorrect anti Catholicism. I wouldnt touch the site again.

No, I don’t know of any Catholic websites that are as hateful and ignorant as CARM. Maybe you could start one. :smiley:

Of all the disappointing realities of the hate-group called “carm”, this would not be one of them. There’s nothing wrong with relying heavily on Scripture to support an argument.

Good one! Michael is right about how one-sided carm is. On this Forum, we welcome people of all faiths, and encourage them to cite any reputable source (and we’ll even talk about nut-jobs like Jack Chick and Loraine Boettner).

It’s unfortunate that the website is named, which might suggest an affinity to Carmelite Religious Orders (one of which is styled O.Carm).

Hey, I notice that this domain name (which is more fitting) is up for grabs:



Boy…I must have been in a big hurry. :blush:


Aw, c’mon now…that’s not what the guy meant. Be charitable, okay?

I’m pretty sure it was a snarky dig at carm.

But it does illustrate that there is no such thing as an authentic Catholic website that operates like carm (I’m not including people who CALL themselves Catholic, such as sedevacantis - I mean websites run by faithful Catholics).

But your Christmas lights look so cool CM, I did not notice the typos. :smiley:

Peace brother!!!

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I like to defend the Catholic faith online against the horrifying ignorance that’s so common out there, but I won’t even attempt to do battle on CARM. CARM forums are like a monkey exhibit at a strange cyber-zoo, with the inmates lying in wait for unsuspecting visitors to hurl their feces at. :smiley:

And one could ask, who says THOSE people aren’t non-believers in their own way as well? Afterall, they are Anti Catholics. That puts them in the non-believers camp of their own sort. And as they are aggressive anti-Catholic, that puts their souls in huge jeopardy.

You may not have considered this, but when people see you as a Catholic using antiCatholics web sites and not Catholic web sites, to make your points, what are they in extension going to think about you?

Others have already addressed this point. I would just add the following information

The Church has been Catholic from the 1st century. The English word Catholic is a transliteration of the Greek katholikos which is a compound word from kata, which means according to, and holos, which means whole.

To make the point

It was in Antioch where the disciples were first called Christian Acts 11:26 .

So one THEN can ask, where does kata holos appear in scripture and particularly kata holos ekklesia ?

2 chapters earlier in Acts :smiley:

Acts 9:31 the church throughout all ἐκκλησία,καθ’,ὅλης ,τῆς ,Judea and Galilee and Sama’ria…" = Kataholos Church.

THAT’s why Ignatius, ordained by apostles, direct disciple of St John, made bishop of Antioch from ~60 a.d. to ~107 a.d writes in his letters

"Christian" and “Catholic Church” . NOT as either/or but both together.
*]St Ignatius, uses Christian (ch 2) and Catholic Church (ch 8) together. In his day, one who is Christian IS Catholic, in the Catholic Church. Epistle to the Smyrnæans . And schismatics from the Catholic Church won’t be going to heaven Epistle to the Philadelphians (ch 3)
[/LIST]Did you catch that point? the Catholic Church is there from the beginning, it’s the Church Jesus established, taught by the apostles, and schismatics and heretics from the Catholic Church won’t be going to heaven if they die in that sin. THAT information
*]is NOT new information.
*]is NOT Ignatius’s personal opinion.
*]It comes straight from the apostles.
[/LIST]300 years later, when the canon of the NT is declared, we see that teaching clearly taught in scripture

Paul condemned division / dissention from the Church Romans 16:17-20 , Galatians 5:19-21 the same Greek word for division used in each scripture is the same word. διχοστασίας* dichostasia** = division / dissension / factions /sedition *

iow their content is not reliable. And If they had even a modicum of correct understanding of scripture they’d be Catholic

I did not believe you when you said they condoned masturbation, but I took a look at it and …

“Therefore, I believe that though masturbation under certain circumstances may not be sinful…”

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