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I was just looking up the Catholic Church I used to go to and it is not even in the phone book but others are listed as Catholic Church or Catholic Congregation especially for the school. There seems to be a sepperation for some. Do other people have this and what does it mean? I’m not sure why the one I was attending was not listed in any of the books this is fishy.
One of the three only one is listed as St. #### Roman Catholic Congregation. Is this something new? The ones with the name change did add on to their schools bigtime loan. Dessert

Well, I havn’t seen Congregation, but I have seen “St. ### Catholic Community.”

Basicly, it was scary inside. About as modern as it comes, no crucifix in sight. Really happy clappy. Not even close to my cup of tea.

Yeah some of ours are somewhat modern too but basic traditional. But I guess that explains the new name as we have had community confession too. dessert

once you see “general absoultion” appear, you know the parish is gone. not even the law of the church matters anymore.

I do not understand the rest of your post

Churches like everyone else have to pay for a yellow pages listing, so some parishes may not choose to pay. the listings go by whatever classification the person who pays for the ad chooses, and you pay more to be listed under more than one classification. for instance, if St. Mary’s is listed alphabetically under Churches, and also on a separate page under “Churches, Catholic” they will have to pay more.

Another possibility is that your old parish closed or merged with another parish and may have a new name or combined name. If you need sacramental records from your old parish you should call the diocese and find out where those records are now located.

true some parishes have decided to style themselves as St. Mary Catholic Community instead of St. Mary Church, but that does not necessarily mean they have separated from the authority of the bishop. Please do not make such generalized assumptions or accusations until you actually participate in the parish and see for yourself if there is a woman giving the homilies, liturgical dancers, and a Lilith Fair instead of a Fall Festival.

I am not in that parish as strange goings on but I do not want to judge as i was only there 10 months and the priest has been there two years. It just seemed strange that they are not even listed in the white pages ither? I didn’t find this out till I was looking for the address of the one I attend now and I’m not sure about asking questions of them anymore, as they seemed a bit dysfuctional and dementia and one was going to hit me when I tried to speak the truth to her and everyone was on edge so I felt my own morality and sanity were being threatened but you know they all seem to be happy in their delusion but even in the 10 months I could see the transformation of the priest into this delusion ie: not him but the 80 + year olds rearranging empty vases on the altar and that is all i am going to say as my qustion was just about how the names are changing and as I read this and other thread s it can be the norm as to what was going on but now that I am away from the abnorm and into a very nice church I am also happy. thanks Maybe the number will be in this years book as they weren’t sure that the school was going to open as you said that may be the reason, I’m sure the diocese know more than me and I really don’t care to as it is quite disturbing and I felt I was in a twilight zone. thanks again Dessert

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