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I see a lot of posts with people seeking advice when it comes to dating other people in different religions. I understand a lot of the pain people go through when beliefs systems collide. I thank God I never had to go through that. I would defenitly read Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism by Scott & Kimberly Hahn. I think as Catholics we should never compromise our values and most important stay focused on family.
What are your thoughts?



I am a convert of 14 years and I married a non Catholic. I love him dearly BUT… He does “support” our Catholic homeschooling and thier Catholic upbringing, but,he only goes to Mass once in a blue moon which is hard for me. 1. I have 5 (16,11,6,3,2). I hate relying on my older ones to constantly help me at Mass with the little ones andd really think the kids would benefit from his presence. 2. I feel this lonliness when I see the other dads/husbands with thier families. Also we have had major issues re:birth control, large family etc…He is staunchly prolife but he has had a hard time understanding the no sterilization thing. Finally, 13 years into the marriage, he agreed to attend an NFP class and we just finished the course. He has slowly but surely “come around” but there is still a long way to go. He also does not see things the way he should on a moral level (T.V. shows, movies and music) so it does cause alot of tension in our marriage. Sometimes I do wish that I had held out for a good Catholic man. At the time though I was a single mother (my ex divorced me when he found out I was preg. and moved 3000 miles away) and he was good w/my son and that meant more to me than him being Catholic. I was naive in my thinking that it would not matter. I teach my children that they should try thier hardest to date and marry within thier faith. I hope they do, whether or not they fully understand why.


I married a catholic, my sister did not. It gives me such pain to see how their fighting and misunderstandings take a toll on their marriage. It is so much easier to be married to someone who shares your faith.


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