Catholic Dating-help!


Hey…I know I’ve read some threads here before, but I wanted to get people’s opinions on Catholic dating websites. I’m not exactly rich and don’t want to pay a lot of money if it is something that probably won’t work out. However, I’m getting a little tired of meeting men (not that it’s just the men) with pretty much no morals or values…I’ve dated guys ranging from atheist to unsure to Catholic, and have run into the same thing over and over again.

Sooo…anyone know if any sites in particular have good, practicing Catholic men as members? It’s hard to tell unless you buy a membership.


I joined a few years ago and LOVED it! In fact, I got all my friends hooked as well :). I met a few men and one ended up falling away from the faith into Buddhism, but the other two were incredibly strong Catholic men. It was a great experience. I know a couple who met off this website and are married and expecting a baby now :slight_smile: and one of my close friends has been dating a wonderful man from there for two and a half years now. It’s worth paying the price, in my opinion, but I will warn you that there are still really weird people on there and many who don’t believe everything. You still have to “sift through” but you will meet some great people. I’ve also heard eharmony is great, but I know it’s not specifically Catholic. However, their success rate for marriages is really high and I think it’s for more seriously looking for marriage people.


thanks. i know there are “weird people” everywhere…i did yahoo personals a number of years ago when i was younger and got some interesting messages. however, i met a guy whom i dated briefly and is now one of my best friends.

i’ll probably take my chances with catholic match once i get some money saved.


I met my fiance on :love: So we are proof that Catholic dating sites do work!


I used as well and now I am engaged (thanks CM! :wink: ), I guess you could say that I recommend it - though not everybody on there would be considered a good and orthodox Catholic. =/

#6 worked for me! We celebrated our 3 anniversary in August.

I believe it is also the smallest (member-wise) and most orthodox. Read the “about us” info…they’re pretty up front about obedience to the Magesterium, and your decreased chances of finding a spouse there if you’re not.

Feel free to PM me.


i did one over 4 years ago

they had a 2 week trial before charging
i met my now husband on the first day and cancelled before they charged…we were enganged within a month and married a year later


:smiley: now that’s what I’m looking for…finding a husband easily and not having to pay anything.


Look no further!

This is me, before the beard. Let’s hook up!


This is an AMAZING site! I’m in the process of a divorce, and after years away from the Church, I’m looking at what “kind” of Catholic I want to be. This site actually shows me the beauty of being an orthodox Catholic, and asking God what kind of Catholic HE wants me to be. This is a dating site that is strengthening my faith – and this is just a dating site! How AMAZING is that!!!

Thanks for posting this link. I am deeply, deeply touched. And I have some praying to do now. And I’m going to call my parish right now and set an appointment to meet with one of our priests to talk about my divorce and getting an annulment.

Sorry this post was a wee bit off topic. OK, it was totally off topic. Keep me in your prayers anyway. I am definitely thanking God for you all!

Gertie (not my real name, but I like it)


no kidding, God knew i was broke:p


I tried eharmony briefly with no luck.
Then I stumbled on and met an amazing woman. We’ve been dating for about 2 months now so still to early to tell.

But regardless, be careful about who you contact with online. The Internet is full of freaks and just because its a catholic site doesnt mean they are free of them. Scammers galore too.

When you do finally meet face-to-face, make sure it is a public place. I met my date at a Starbucks (never been in one before but was easy to find and was non-stressfull atmosphere and no obligation to stay if no sparks).

Anyways, have fun. Remember that as a female, you can pick and choose as the male/female ratio is in your favor. Take your time and get to know them a bit thru emails and IM and even phone before the first meeting.


*I’ve tried &, and for me it was just like chatt a room - I just sit and stare at the screen and can’t think of anything to say. *
I guess they are great for some and no good for others.
Still looking, but don’t know how.


23 yr old male engineering student…needs to meet nice Catholic girl…has mom’s approval of course. (sorry, its the Italian mom in me, have to go through the bright light and 20 questions before you meet my boy) :smiley:

My son finds it’s difficult to meet girls with an education that aren’t bar flies. He doesn’t drink or smoke and is very intellectual. The jury is still out on religion, because he views things in a “logical” manner. The women on Yahoo or are Party, Party, Party, and they all want Brad Pitt. Go figure.


Ave Maria Singles is probably the site with the most Catholic men serious about the Church and marriage.

I met my husband on Ave Maria. It absolutely does “work”. But, don’t expect a silver bullet. I kissed a few frogs, even on Ave (but they were nice frogs, just not meant for me). DH and I both joined around the same time 2000/2001. He wrote to me in 2003. We were married in 2005.


I met my husband on Catholic Match! I was also a member of Ave Maria, and I think I was briefly on Catholic Singles (never paid money for that, I don’t think.)

The number one thing I’ll tell you is that the members are pretty much the same at all of them. Ave Maria touts itself as being full of the really holy people. While they do emphasize that it’s only for people who are free to/ready for marriage in the Church, there is NO GUARANTEE that the people you meet there will be any nicer than on other sites.

At the time (a year ago), Catholic Match had more fun features to help people mingle - including message boards and instant message features. There were even same-sex boards where members could socialize amongst themselves, and get advice and support from one another. Ave Maria did not have those features at the time. Most of the women who had tried Ave Maria reported an initial flurry of interest - I got a couple of dozen messages in a few days - and then it tapered off to pretty much nothing. Catholic Match had various features that made it easy for a member to be noticed or even gradually build up a friendship that might not have happened right away.


The number two thing:

While you’ll want to screen for people who profess a faith compatible with your own, DO NOT NAIVELY BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ. There are many, many stories about seemingly devout members who say all the right things and look as pious as angels but are actually up to no good. I’ve met men who not only didn’t have the annulment they claimed to have, they were still legally married! I know one woman saw her stepfather’s profile on there… he’s still very much married to and living with her mother. I have heard a few stories that involved people having to call the police, or at least get the web site admin to intervene. Often, these stories involve a member whos profile was full of stuff like “I love the Latin Mass” or “I pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet every day in front of the local abortuary…” In other words… people who sound like they’re really devout and holy.

I’m not trying to scare you - many, many, many good Catholics have met and married this way. Including me. I just want to make sure you understand that there are crazies and liars in any situation and some of them find it easy to hide behind a facade of piety.

So! I really urge you to give it a try, and to keep an open mind while also being careful.


Thanks for the sites, I’m going to try them. I’ve used yahoo and catholicmatch to no avail… the guys I met tried real hard to be “good” for a few dates, then tried to get fresh… the one boyfriend that resulted from yahoo eventually dumped me because i wouldn’t sleep with him… so i guess my question is a two parter:

a. where do i go to meet a real, nice catholic guy who is actually willing to wait until marriage for sex?

b. where does a girl go who’s under 5 ft tall and is pudgy due to genetics and height? :wink: i meet lots of nice guys, but once they see a pic or get a description, they decide i’m too short or “fat”. yes, yes, i know i’ll be told to ‘wait, they just can’t look past physical attributes’, but, gosh, i actually don’t judge a person by their looks, i really try to look at what’s inside. why can’t men do that, too? :slight_smile:


Sheesh, $159 for a membership to Ave Maria? What if you merely wanted to try it out for one to three months or something to see if it’s for you or not? It’s almost like they’re proclaiming, “Only well to do Catholics need apply!” At least have an installment plan or something. Maybe a layaway package. “Yes, I’ll take that pretty girl over there, please. Kindly put her aside on reserve. I can afford a dollar down and a dollar a week. Once she’s paid off I’ll marry her!”


Your man is out there somewhere looking for you.
Dont be dissapointed or discouraged. You will find each other.
There really isn’t a ‘best’ site or place for that. There isnt anything in my diocese for people 40+ to meet and mingle so that sent me online to find my love. Maybe your diocese is different.
As for the online search. You have the advantage. Can’t remember where I saw it but the average membership numbers for any online dating site is 10 men for every woman. You are going to find a lot of bad seeds but the gems are on those sites too. Just be picky, really get to know them before you meet.

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