Catholic dating websites. Ummmm


What’s the best one

I’ve tried Catholic match but there’s hardly any people in my area on there. Looks the same for ave Maria too. Has anyone tried eharmony or the regular match and filtered by religion


Maybe you should try a little out of your comfort zone geographically. I have heard of people on this site that have met their spouses through Cathilic sites that didn’t live nearby. You could be missing out on a good person because your geographical sphere is too small.


CatholicMatch, CatholicSingles, and Ave Maria are the only ones I’ve ever heard of. Chances are, if CM is barren, the others will be as well. Either increase your search radius or use a non-religious service, as you mentioned. But chances are those non-religious services will have a wider variety of “Catholics” (ie the Chreaster or cafeteria variety). As @irishmom2 said, try expanding your search area. How many people live in the city you live? You may need to branch out to the largest nearby metro area.


I live in Florida and the average age is close to seventy. There may be a lot of people on catholic match but not in my age range. Lol


I thought a radius of two hundred miles was enough lol


Well, I guess not! :wink:

Up the distance, you have nothing to lose.


Not interested in a second mom? :wink: Yea, just keep expanding out. You never know what you’ll find. It could also just be a waiting game for the right girl to get on there, so be patient. Also maybe seek out someone to criticize a “scrubbed” version of your profile if you think it might not be up to snuff.


Honestly there weren’t that many girls my age or in my range that I was interested in and one woman’s bio included a horrifying statement of what she was looking for that straight up said not to message her if you’re not a doctor or a lawyer or if you aren’t making above a certain amount of money. She messaged me because I’m graduating law school and I told her the gold rush was over about two hundred years ago


I wonder how many doctors or lawyers responded.
I am sure she just wants to help pay back their student loans for them once they marry. :smirk:


Yeah. It was interesting that she said she still is in college because she took a break due to stress. I think she just wants a payout


Yeah, good luck with that, honey.


Why does it have to be so hard to find someone who likes me back for the right reasons and is normal and devoutly catholic


Haha I’m sure many a man can commiserate. The “no profile” girls are probably the worst and most abundant. They have one photo and a few of the basic questions answered.

What’s your parish scene like? Dormant?


How old are you, if you don’t mind my asking?


I think the best word is elderly.

There are some people my age but they don’t volunteer for anything and just show up sundays and leave quickly or they’re already married

Other parishes aren’t as full of the elderly but I like my parish.


Twenty seven


That’s still young. I know you don’t want to hear that. But I met my husband when I was your age. You might find someone soon. If you just finished law school, your life is in for a change anyway. New people, new settings, you never know. Don’t get discouraged.


I know. But I am discouraged. I know too many lawyers who never found anyone


Don’t hang out with lawyers. Find something else that interests you and make friends there. And seriously, expand your sphere. You might meet someone willing to move, or you might think about moving yourself. Never say never, but don’t worry so much about distance.


I’m in the same boat buddy. 26yo male single in a relatively big city. I’m not really actively looking (outside of casual encounters at diocese activities) but I think this is an opportunity to expand your interests and make yourself attractive and interesting. Ride a motorcycle, travel the state, go camping or hiking. It’ll give you something to take your mind off of dating, make you more interesting, and give you time to pray. Maybe consider visiting other parishes’ activities while youre at it.

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