Catholic dating websites. Ummmm



I know of one called sedevacantist signles. I wouldn’t go there though.


I’m going to travel after the bar. But doing it alone kind of sucks. If I invite my friends they’ll just take their girlfriends with them


Lol oh wow. Yeah no thanks haha


I moved from my home state all the way across the US about 5 years ago, and I’ve got plenty of acquaintances, but I generally only go out with one married (albeit non-Catholic) couple. I go motorcycling with them or go to bars with them on a regular basis. I don’t mind and they don’t mind that I’m a third wheel. They often prod me to go find a girl. After a while I stopped feeling like the odd man out though and more like just a dude with friends. So don’t discount opportunities with friends just because they’re in a relationship.

I’d also think if you’re in the process of studying for the bar, you’re going to be pretty crunched in the near future anyhow, making dating somewhat difficult.


Yeah I’m not gonna even go on a date until after I take it.

But I feel you. I also get prodded to go out get a girl. It’s not that easy when you’re looking for the right one. Besides it’s not like every girl is interested anyway


Because singles have been shoo’d away from most parishes, that’s why.

Now get off my lawn-! :slight_smile:


If you think never married is tough, Try being a divorced Dad with sole custody of four kids (decree of nullity pending). No shortage of women who find that intriguing, but not much time to do anything!


Yeah but at least you have four children that can help you out when they get older. You have a family. I dont


I’d just suggest looking into and taking advantage of what makes being single beneficial. You have a lot more latitude to move around, take new jobs, spend your money how you please, develop hobbies. Use this time wisely. My favorite saying is “you don’t know what you got 'til it’s gone”. And having been in a couple relationships in the past, which were enjoyable, I’m going to soak in every bit of freedom I can right now before I’ve got a wife whose concerns I must handle, kids, a house, etc… It’s not the advice you want to hear, but I grappled with being single among a sea of married folks, and if it’s making you depressed, you’re reinforcing a feedback loop that isn’t working in your favor while wasting some of the most precious years of your life unhappy. You’ll get there buddy.


Fair enough. Your plight is not easier (or harder). Just different. Cling to Him. It IS his will.


I think I will get there. But then again I know some people who never did


Good for you! What is wrong with women today !


The world seems to be sooo easy for some people. When I was a poor single lady, someone seriously said “why you don´t get married? Then you have a house!” to me. Didn´t know houses are the natural consequence of marriage :smiley: :smiley:


It’s even worse when I’m talking to a woman and they don’t act or seem interested until I tell them what I do for a living


If it’s any comfort, each case is unique. You’re not tethered to the statistical results of all of your friends, so they’re not a reliable bearing for your potential success. When you’re ready, go whole hog on dating if you’re really passionate about finding your lifelong companion. That could entail all sorts of life changes, or it could mean developing patience. I’ll stop the barrage of platitudes though as you’ve likely heard it all before. Just know youve got people rooting for you (even if you’re liable to shrink their pool of romantic interests by one haha), and being single is not a detriment.


It’s too bad you don’t live in the Northeast, the Rust Belt or even the Mid-Atlantic. You’d be tripping over Catholics there.


Yeah but I’m happy that my toes are in the sand over here


This will sound blunt, but nobody wants a deadbeat, and the world is chock full of them right now.

I’ve pretty much decided I don’t want another relationship unless God literally shoves it right in my path with a sign pointing to it and a booming God voice from the clouds saying “Attention”, but if I did, I would be really afraid of dating sites because of all the stories of guys who take advantage of lonely widows for their money. I imagine there are just as many women doing that to lonely men.


I understand no one wants a deadbeat but if that’s someone’s main focus so that they’re only interested in me after I reveal what I do then they’re not worth it

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