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I was wondering if anybody tried or had any recommendations about catholic dating websites. I am thinking about using Catholic Singles but I am kind off uncomfortable starting a profile, i feel that it is a little untraditional.

Hi, Aborodki.

Not to say that you shouldn’t use Catholic Singles if you want to, but have you looked into Orthodox sites like Maybe they are a little more traditional.

(Note: I am not personally endorsing either. I have never used any dating website.)

No, i didn’t even know one existed! I’ll look at that one as well. What do you think of dating websites in general? I have been getting different responses and e-harmony rejected me.

I’m not really convinced that they work, but maybe for some people they might. Friends of mine have tried E-Harmony, but they didn’t have any luck with it. The only person I know who found someone through the internet is the older sister of a friend who met a Canadian man via an internet message board…they must be pretty happy together, as they’ve been married for about 5 years now and are expecting their second child soon!

Edit: The link I provided earlier is just the first that came up on Google. There is also

If you’re serious about wanting to find a Catholic spouse, try

The truth is I have no preference as long as they are traditional and Christian. It’s really hard where i am because i go to an extremely liberal law school that is mostly female. So i thought maybe i should try a christian website…:o

Privet aborodki,

My wife is Russian Orthodox and I would say if you are sincerely wanting to date Catholics be aware of the challenges been involved with a member of a differing Church may involve. I am very happy with my wife but even so it took lots of talking and thinking before we married - be aware if you get involved with someone Catholic seriously (at a level from which a marriage may follow) that issues like which Church to marry in will become important - also for a relationship between Catholics and Orthodox to work I’ve found it takes an open mind and a degree of patience on either side to try and talk over issues that have often been influenced by a 1,000 years or so of ill-feeling from both sides.

It’s a shame you don’t live in the UK as here there are many Russian Orthodox individuals in London and especially many single young women.

As to dating sites - it depends on the people - it’s no worse a method of meeting than at a restaurant or been introduced to each other by mutual friends. So long as the people involved are honest and not just looking for endless quick flings I see no essential problem with this method.

I tried them out once. As a guy, you meet some ladies from overseas who just want to marry you for the citizenship. You might get some frauds, maniacs, and such, but as long as you follow common sense (meet in public, tell people your meeting a stranger, don’t go anywhere alone with the person at first) you could be fine.

Some people have wonderful success stories, so don’t just write off online dating because it’s not tradtional.

This is all good advice. By the way, I am a girl. :o
I thought it was obvious from my bemoaning that the school was mostly female but I guess not! :stuck_out_tongue:

Avoid e-harmony like the plague. I did get to meet a few ladies in there but nothing worked out. One of the main problems with eHarmony is that you are at the mercy of their matching system. And it doesn’t care if your match is an active member or not.
You will get six to eight matches a day on average. And you will talk to one in 30 matches. And you will meet one in 100+ matches. The rest likely do not even have active accounts as they will never respond.

I’m thinking of Cathllicsingles myself but it seems kinda small.

I met my wife on I’d recommend them.

I found this looking around -

Although from what I know of EO in the USA I do appreciate our OP is at a distinct disadvantage if she lives in an area where there are not many people from an EO background.

The biggest problem with all of them, they are so automated that the matches you find have taken out one great big important factor, physical chemistry. If I wanted to severely lower my standards, those sights might work, yet tinkering with them in the past I realized there needs to be a much better system that still has yet to be created. E-harmony is a complete joke, you cannot even see who these so called matches look like, is another real winner, super low volume, and the women I’ve seen there, in my age range, almost all of them are divorced with kids, out of shape and look typically 15-20 years older then me.

As a hopeless entrepreneur, I always look at niches that need to be filled, or in this case, ones that are not being filled properly. My game plan on my end, if I have a window of down time is to create a dating service that uses the web as an extension of itself, not all inclusive within itself. We are dealing with the human element here and no script or machine can ever replace it and certain rules should be in place, example #1, you shouldn’t be able to just ignore someone that sends you a message, it must be mandated that you send back a polite response saying no thanks. The people that join up should also be interviewed by a real person, their matches should also be coordinated by a real person as well.

I tried a Catholic Dating Site once, I don’t remember which one, though, but, at the time, there was a riff between the Traditionalists (SSPX) and non. It was very cliquey. THEY WANT THEIR MONEY!!! You cannot really communicate with anybody unless you pay. If you alter your profile, they will proofread it and if it has any way of contacting you w/o going through them (i.e., a messenger chat name or e-mail), it will be omited. They censor every post, so, everything you write may not make it into the post if you are on the forum.

I’m not saying it didn’t work, but, there were people there who had been ther for over 2 years and still looking. It did work well for some, though, but, I’m not sure how long it took. I only paid for a month (I was around for maybe 2.5 or 3) and I didn’t find anybody, mostly because in order to find anybody, one or both people have to be paying members to find out about the other person. Once one person isn’t paying, it becomes difficult to find out about that person; if neither party is paying (for whatever reason), it is impossible.

thanks for is useful and great for me

E-Harmony scared the heck out of me when they ran an “advice” column about “How to have the perfect one-night stand and get away with it” . . . I thought they were a Christian site! I guess they lowered their standards to attract more people and make more money. I sent in a “complaint” about the title and nature of the article, but they never responded. After about 6 weeks and tons of criticism, they finally pulled it.

I also tried a 1 month membership on Catholic Match. It was disasterous. I supopse because I am one of those single moms (I have 1 child - my ex left us the day she was born – while I was in labor). But I work hard and support us. I am involved in my Parish and the community. I marked that I accept all 7 of the Church teachings they asked about and still all I got was responses from men wanting one thing . . . . . . . .
And, the responses were generally from men 8-20 years older than I even though I specifically stated I wanted to meet men closer to my own age who would want to start a family. It’s not been fun.

I browsed Ave Maria singles and asked the site moderators a ton of questions. But again, didn’t seem there were many men close to my age out there so I decided not to cough up the cash just yet . . . . . . .

I’m still hoping to find someone great, but I don’t think it will be on-line. And, I have my daughter praying that I meet a God-fearing man who happens to love kids . . . . so I’m waiting for God to make me and him both ready . . . . . . . . .

I met my wife on Catholic Match after 6 months. It took some time and I was ready to give up because I don’t like to waste time, but then I found someone I married 5 years ago. I particularly liked the fact that she went to mass every day. However, generally I would advise against marrying someone with another religion. As you can see I am Catholic, but I would advise anyone to have someone with the same spiritual views if you are going to live with them the rest of your life. I realize that a marriage between religions can work out well, but still, there are big barriers. An orthodox woman in Canada contacted me, who was very appealing, but I had already decided it is best to marry in my own Church. I never wanted to face problems like which children to raise your children in, or have to watch your spouse attend a different Church, probably without you.

Excuse me Prodigalson12. I currently belong to and am a bit miffed at your description of what you found on that sight. I have met very nice people (men) on this site and am dating one in particular at this time. Be careful and please do not generalize. Your comments were most unchristian.:tsktsk:

Just telling you through experience here. As a platform to go off of, it’s the research that I went there for, along with many others. I test and prod untapped nitches, or in this case, one that needs further advancement. It’s raw math, raw logic, pure business that I’m coming from, not a lot more to be said, they all lack in too many ways, you are playing the lottery with places like that, nothing more, they are geared to take your money and are quite lazy about it from a programmers perspective. The reason they get away with it, there is not much competition out there in this field, so the bar has been set pretty low as the industry standard.

Prodigalson12 thanks for clearing that up. :thumbsup: I must say that I was interested to see the feedback on EHarmony. I figured they were way up there as I know they are expensive. I went on CatholicMatch seeking a relationship and wanted to make sure the faith issue was out in the open. Faith is priority in my book. I hope my relationship with this gentleman works out.

Take care…

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