Catholic, David Miller responds to southern baptist, Alvert Mohler

From David Miller’s response to Albert Mohler: “Standing with Christ”

"Second, Dr. Mohler’s argument implies, I think correctly, that the differences between the traditions are not resolvable except through deep conversion—through a paradigm shift or a change of mind, a radical reorientation or turning around of one side or the other. To put it bluntly, Christian unity would mean the end of Protestantism or the end of Catholicism. I would like to hear him say, “Hail Mary, full of grace,” but if he comes to say it, he will not be a Baptist anymore. He would like me to stop saying it, but if I do, I will not be a Catholic anymore.

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What do you all think?

A second thought from David:

"So we cannot meet halfway because we have profoundly different minds and imaginations. The world, this world and the next, looks very, very different to the Protestant and to the Catholic.

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The only reason for the link is to give credit for where the article came from. It was the article I was interested in.

Nice thoughts to ponder . . . would be nice for ALL to come together. But can it be?

No. neither would i, or many other converts give up one teaching from Holy Mother Church. no desire to trade the truth for half truths. Peace :thumbsup:

I’d partially agree. There ARE genuine differences between the theologies that can’t be resolved. But there are a whole lot MORE distortions and misunderstandings than there are irreconcilable differences (sometimes on both sides I’ve learned). Dialogue helps us learn the difference. Then people make decisions based on the actual differences rather than the straw men and ad hominem crud that is so often the basis of the animus between peoples.

id just be happy to get them to walk the line with us, and pray for an end to abortion. that would be a great start. Peace :slight_smile:

I believe David Miller, a catholic, agrees with Albert Mohler, an evangelical. They both think there’s no chance without one becoming as the other. There’s no middle ground according to these men, if I read them correctly.

And what makes you think we don’t?

experience. :frowning:

Hi Dokimas. id have to say they are correct on this. Peace

Your experience is incomplete.

Yea, I agree. That’s why we get no where discussing all the threads.

I hate to say it, but it happens. Certainly not all baptists of course. I know many wonderful ones. But I’ve also heard more than a few stories about baptist groups boycotting abortion protests and other things because Catholics were welcomed there too.

So are you saying it’s not good to make a ‘blanket’ statement?

Even those silly baptists who might not like catholic involvement, I’d bet they are against abortion.

I never said they weren’t, but the kind I’m talking about would rather forgo the fight against abortion if Catholics are involved.

“An abortion protest? Sure, I’ll be there. Oh…there’ll be Catholics there too? No thanks then.”

That’s messed up no matter how you look at it.

Would you say that’s as messed up as ‘I’d never be caught dead in a non-catholic Christian church’?

The wording is a bit snobbish, but otherwise no. Nor would I typically mind Baptists saying they’d never attend a mass. But to go so far as to essentially say that standing up for what is moral is not going to be worth it today if there’s Catholics in the general vicinity? That’s kind of awful.

I’ve been to several catholic masses. Been blessed too. Doubt if I’ll ever become catholic, though.

I fail to see the point you’re trying to make.

really my friend? truly? heres my experience. then you can make a judgement call. i went to 30 different denominations, attempting to enlist them in praying with us, for the 40 days for life campaign. i did not go as a Catholic, but as one who wants to see an end to abortion. these protestants believe however, that 40 days for life, is a Catholic organization. which of course it is not. guess how many joined us in praying for an end to abortion? guess how many showed up to pray with us? none, nada, zip, zero! only Catholics walked that line. and guess what? there was a 40 percent decrease in the number of abortions nationwide, during this period! would not protestants want to be part of this? can they not put aside the differences, for the sake of the unborn? we can. maybe they took part in other locals, but not in ours. its not a religious issue, its a human rights issue. my experience was not incomplete. if anything, it showed me what i had left, when i left protestantism behind. trust me my friend. no regrets. Peace :slight_smile:

30 denoms visited / 30,000 denoms = .1 % of total denominaitons visited. Not really a good sample to make a good assessment.

BTW, I can only go by my city: our church and other non-catholic Christian churches picketed abortion clinics with catholics and have good fellowship.

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