Catholic decorations in college dorm?


What kind of things can I put in my room that symbolize our Catholic faith? Should I be worried if my roommate is not Catholic?


Praying for you on your new college journey! Did you bring anything from home? Any crucifix or photo is fine! You’re entitled to personalize your part of the room. Praying you get along with your room mate. No need to worry, you’ll meet a lot of people that don’t share your faith in life. Just be yourself!


Thank you so much! No, my family is Protestant, so I never really had anything Catholic there except my rosary. Those are good ideas!
So far my roommate is really nice. I believe she’s a Christian too, just not Catholic.

Thank you for your prayers and advice!


A crucifix or a San Damiano cross. A candle. A Catholic Bible. A book on saints. A Catholic calendar. A picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. A picture of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
A book of Catholic Prayers.


Crucifix is nice.
A 10 ft. Mary statue, also nice, but probably too expensive.

If you’re looking for pictures, has some relatively cheap stuff. Other stuff, and I’m sure CAF can help you find something on the cheap.


Why do you want to decorate with Catholic symbols?


Because I would like to have visual reminders of my faith in a place where I need to remain encouraged.


Ooh these are good ideas, especially the candle. Thank you!


Thank you!


I always had a little unbreakable crucifix and a Mary statue. When I got my own room, I had a picture of the Sacred Heart on the wall over the bed. I kind of wince now realizing how much sin was happening in front of that picture, but at least the Lord was there.

Only be worried about your roommate if they’re the type who will steal, break or dishonor your stuff.

I also recommend you don’t take anything expensive, breakable or irreplaceable. Even if your roommate is a good person, stuff has a way of getting broken or lost in dorms. All it takes is one person coming over who isn’t careful in a small room. If you can lay hands on some plastic stuff like what churches give away, what you buy for a couple bucks at a Catholic store, or get for free in charity mailers sometimes, those are good choices. Leave the heirloom or special gift your grandmother gave you at home.


Candle in a dorm is NOT a good idea.

First of all, there may be dorm regulations against having lit candles, or lit anything, in your room.

Second, it is a fire hazard for the whole dorm. I know people who have started serious fires with candles in their apartments or dorms.

If you want a candle, I would recommend putting a battery-operated LED light in a candleholder. You won’t run afoul of any regulations, and it won’t start any fires by accident.


Thank you so much!


Yeah I’ll either find one of the LED light ones or get the real kind and just remember not to light it.


Even if you don’t light it, most dorms I think ban even owning them - because every student pinky swears that they’ll never light it. I’d just get a LED candle and maybe one of those pretty glass candle holders.


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