Catholic Democrat’s – How will the vote go?

Catholic Democrat’s – How will the vote go?

American Catholics have a long history of loyalty to the Democratic Party. However, as the Democrats have evolved into the party of the culture of death, they have betrayed the loyalty of Catholics, and are no longer worthy of their support. This betrayal, however, raises an important question: has the average Catholic voter done his homework, and kept up with what the Democratic Party has become?

It appears that the answer to the above question is no. Many Catholics today have little understanding of how their faith should permeate their lives and their interaction with our society. They have been assimilated into our secular culture to such an extent, that they no longer posses a Catholic identity. They have accepted the liberal attitudes of our society, and are apathetic when it comes to following the Church’s moral guidelines on the major issues of the day.

In this regard, they seem to be more interested in their pocket book than in matters of principle. They fail to understand that when they vote for personal gain, they gain nothing, as was the case in the last election. Obama wants to destroy the America we know, and turn it into a socialist dictatorial state. If he is allow to succeed, not only will Catholic’s suffer, but the general population also.

A case in point would be an article, about Obama’s first term performance, in the February 2012 edition of U.S. Catholic (Page 12). Some of the answers given seemed to be completely devoid of any connection to reality. Out of a total of 63 published replies to four questions (see pg. 15 of that issue) only three dealt with a pro-life or pro-marriage issue. Any serious concern about life issues was noticeably absent. The article stated that 51% of U.S. Catholic readers indicated that they would vote for Obama. This is a disgrace.

So, will Catholic’s still vote for Obama out of blind allegiance to a party that no longer represents Catholic values? If they do, they will betray their faith, as well as Christ and his Church. They will be voting to continue the murder of 4,000 unborn children each day; for the destruction of their Church at the hands of the Obama Mandate; for the Socialist take over of America, and the end of our freedom; for the imposition of martial law under the NDAA. Ultimately, they will be voting to complete America’s transformation into a godless, atheistic, Stalinist type state. This is evil, and to vote for it is evil.

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