Catholic Dissent


Now, from how I’ve seen it, there are a lot of people on here who say that the only way to be a true Catholic is to follow everything that the true Church teaches. However, I’ve noticed a lot of disagreeing (and not just between myself and others). Now, let me ask: does this mean that only a select few on these boards are true Catholics? I mean, I just don’t get how there can be disagreements that much if we should all follow the same doctrine.


Real simple…we’re a church of sinners. We’re all true Catholics at different levels of conversion, thus explaining the disagreements we often have amongst each other. There is only one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church…but there are many forms of pride that distance one from Christ.


I think David said it well. There are couple Church teachings I with which I struggle, but I also acknowledge that the Church is in a far, far better position to be correct than am I.

Occasionally, a member or two of CAF will claim that other people are not true Catholics, or claim that they are real Catholics. But I think this is just another form of pride.


Or maybe another sect of Pharisees. :shrug:


Anyone who disagrees with any part of the Magisterium is by definition a heretic.


Wow. That’s amusing, and somewhat scary.

I thought Holden Caulfield would be more flexible.


The truth is by definition unflexible, it is absolute.


Ha, I wasn’t talking about truth; I was talking about Holden. Anyone ever read The Catcher in the Rye?


I’m him after psychoanalysis. Yes it is a bit narrow, however that is the definition. :shrug:


And then, a more pointed question: are the people who argue on here heretics?


Thank You, good point.


Yes and no. Depends on the people. The Novus Ordo people are not heretics. However as a rule of thumb, if they disagree with the Magisterium they are heretics. There are many heretic priests and Catholics out there. It doesn’t make them not Catholic, just a heretic.


Um…so…the church excommunicates heretics, right?


Well actually you would excommunicate yourself. The church rarely publicly announces excommunications.


Uh…okay. That’s very odd. Um…so, you excommunicate yourself, but you don’t know about it? So, theoretically, you wouldn’t be allowed to go to Mass and all that?


Holden just thinks that everybody is a phony, remember.:smiley:



Yes good point. However the Church should take a more active role in excommunication, to many heretics have infiltrated into the clergy of the Church. There are also different types of excommunication it may be added.

@Tick Dawk:

Your profile for religion says N/A. I may ask what is it really, and why did you inquire here about this?


Yes, good point and quite true, for both me and Holden. However I will not lie, I am far from perfect and a sinner.


No, if you are unaware of the teaching you cannot be a heretic. By excommunicating yourself he means that it is not formal, however you are still a heretic. However if you don’t know any better you are not.


The fruits of debate can be both bad or good. Most often the debates are misunderstandings of Church teachings. Good debate can be helpful in sharing the truth.

Then we have debates where people put themselves above the teachings of Christ in that they think they know better. They discount the rich discourse that has taken place for centuries. Many are relativists that usually are trying to justify their own actions.

If they are in sin, most know it and jump through hoops trying to convince themselves they are OK. They know that if they confront the truth they then will have to reconcile and change their behavior. This is most difficult.

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