Catholic Distance University inquiry


I’m wondering if anyone has experience with their continuing education / certificate programs? I’ve taken a number of courses over the years through larger, well known universities and I’m tired of the low Christology and heterodox views that are being taught.
I’m not looking for a degree program. Just maybe a catechetical or apologetics certificate. Hence the interest in CDU.


I’ve heard good things about Holy Apostles


Thanks. I’ve taken a number of grad courses through HACS. Their focus is grad degrees, which I don’t need / can’t afford. Their courses cost the same whether pursuing a grad degree or a grad certificate.
CDU is promoted as “faithful to the Magisterium.” Anyone have actual experience with their non degree offerings?
I’m not going to name any names of online schools I’ve experienced that I think are “modernist / progressive, etc.” HACS is not one of those, just more “grad” and expensive than I’m looking for.


Have you considered checking with your local diocese/seminary? The Latin Rite diocese nearest me offers a Master’s of Art in Ministry Program and they allow people who due to not having a bachelor’s degree or just not wanting a master’s to audit the course!


From what I hear CDU is fairly orthodox and faithful to the magisterium. They’re currently seeking regional accreditation, which they will probably be granted. Holy Apostles, as mentioned, and Christendom College are also excellent orthodox institutions, and both have reasonable tuition and a significant online presence.


Christendom and Holy Apostles courses run &1000 or more, per course. CDU’s certificate courses are $165.

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