Catholic doctors!?


I’m overdue for some maintenance and I’ve been putting it off because I don’t have a primary care physician. So today I thought I’d search for local Catholic doctors, but I’m not having much luck. When I search for Catholic doctors in Oregon I get a bunch of pages about assisted suicide. :frowning: Is there a find-a-doctor website with a filter by religion option? Maybe I’ll take a closer look at the back of my church’s weekly bulletin.


One More Soul provides a directory of orthodox Catholic physicians. The directory includes not just OBGYNs (who would be dealing with NFP) but other types of doctors as well.

And on a somewhat related note for anybody who is interested in truly Catholic therapists, my husband recently found this website, which appears to be great:


I wish that the Catholic Medical Association would have a list of their members.

The back of a church bulletin is a very good place to start.


I seem to remember hearing of a Catholic doctor’s society or guild of some sort, which had “St Lukes” in there somewhere.


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