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Hi there, as my profile says I am currently investigating Catholicism.

I myself am an avid reader and have a background in words, however my wife is quite the opposite. She has begun to ask a few questions about Catholicism…I’ve tried showing her some of the stuff I’ve been reading, but I feel she would be more open to perhaps watching something on DVD.

Does anyone know of some good apologetics stuff available on DVD?

From the company’s website:
This DVD is a revealing and candid conversation between the leaders of two large churches in Troy Michigan, just North of Detroit: Father John Riccardo of St. Anastasia Roman Catholic Church, and Pastor Steve Andrews of Kensington Community Church. Seeking common ground, “the priest and the pastor” respectfully examine the similarities between the two great traditions they represent

The Footprint of God Video series by Steve Ray is outstanding.

I second this, he’s video series, Footprints of God, really is outstanding. :thumbsup:

What topic do you think would be of interest to your wife? Scripture? Conversion stories? Church History?

I always tend to go for the conversion stories. Hearing people tell their personal accounts is usually quite engaging. For this, I would recommend Fr. Donal Calloway’s DVD No Turning Back. He’s got an amazing story. There’s also Dr. Scott Hahn’s conversion story on the DVD Testimony to Truth. Either one would be good.

If your wife would benefit from a solid look at Scripture from the Catholic perspective, Jeff Cavins’ Great Adventure series is phenomenal. It’s geared more towards group studies and they are a bit lengthier (and consequently more expensive) than a single DVD. You could try the Quick Journey Through the Bible, which is shortened to 8 sessions on 4 DVDs for about $100. An investment to be sure, but well worth it. If cost is an issue, just try to talk your local parish into buying the series and seeing if they’ll let you borrow it. :wink:

As others have said, the Footprints of God series is also excellent. Apologist Steve Ray is on location at many of the most important places in our salvation history. It’s a series of documentaries that serves as sort of a mix of apologetics, Scripture, and Church history.

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