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Hi folks! I just like to post these classic ebooks that you might not yet downloaded in the internet. There are great classic apologetics here that are no longer in copyright.

Choose FTP in each book you’ve choosen and choose the DJVU format. I think it’s a better format than PDF when reading scanned ebooks. Use Windjvu or software to open them. The following is the list of books I found in the above website.

A systematic study of the Catholic religion (1917, c1903)

The Primacy of Apostolic See Vindicated.djvu

The path which led a Protestant lawyer to the Catholic Church (1860)

White Harvest: A Symposium of Methods in Convert Making

Sunday School Teacher’s Explanation of the Baltimore Catechism

Catholic doctrine and discipline, simply explained (1896)

Anecdotes and examples illustrating the Catholic catechism (1904)

Catholic dogma : the fundamental truths of revealed religion (1892)

Catholics In Controversy (1954)

The church and her enemies (1880)

American Catholic Dilemma An Inquiry Into The Intellectual Life (1958)

Catholic Christianity : or, The reasonableness of our religion (1916)

Christianity In Conflict A Catholic View Of Protestantism (1959)

The life of the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas

A digest of the doctrine of S. Thomas on the Incarnation

A debate on the Roman Catholic religion held in the Sycamore Street Meeting House

A debate on the Roman Catholic religion ([1837])

Campbell-Rice debate on the Holy Spirit

The Principles of Christian Apologetics

Christian science and the Catholic faith (1922)

Catholic controversy : a reply to Dr. Littledale’s Plain reasons ([between 1889 and 1899])

A manual of councils of the Holy Catholic church (1909)

A Short history of the Catholic Church (1900?)

A history of the Catholic Church (1913)

Christ in his church, a Catholic church history (1881)

Introduction to the Catholic Epistles (1887)

Explanation of Catholic Morals: A Concise, Reasoned, and Popular Exposition of Catholic Morals

Twelve Catholic men of science (1912)

The story of the Catholic revival (1914)

The story of the Catholic church (1915)

The practical Catholic (1910)

Why I became a Catholic : religio viatoris (1898?)

The masterpieces of Catholic literature, oratory and art (1910)

The fairest argument for our non-Catholic friends (1917)

The Catholic who’s who (1908-)

The Catholic student’s “aids” to the Bible (1918-)

The Catholic Reformation (1949)

The Catholic Marriage Manual (1958)

Scientific theory and Catholic doctrine (1896)

The Catholic evidence movement : its achievements and its hope (1921)

The Book Of Catholic Authors First Series (1942)

Catholic thoughts on the Bible and theology (1841-1848)

Catholic ideals in social life (1905)

Also try searching these authors.

Edward Manning
Jacque Maritain
Fulton Sheen
G.K. Chesterton
Cardinal Newman

Or type the Catholic Publisher


Patrick Madrid, Karl Keating, Jimmy Akin, Robert Sungenis, Philvaz, Tim Staples, Steve Ray, I hope you guys could add these books in your library!

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