Catholic Education in Scotland

Anyone wish to offer an opinion on these links?,scroll down to £400 million joke.

If the Catholic schools are state-funded then I think the state can attach whatever strings it wants. If they are not state-funded then I don’t think it’s any of the government’s business. But then I’m an American and I have no idea how these things work in the UK.

Catholics became State-Funded in 1918 and there was no objection to taxes being spent on catholics then.It was better that than have these catholic children mixing with the protestants and passing on their little superstitions like crossing themselves.What used to be called a protestant school,is now known as a non-denominational school.
I’m in my sixties,but still pay tax.Not because i’m wealthy,simply because i have no dependents.Perhaps they’ll let me have a tax rebate,since i’m paying tax towards stuff like divorce and abortion which i don’t believe in.Re.the second link i gave above,i did a post on the aforementioned a while back and it went down like a lead balloon.One dame responded by thanking me for paying for her divorce settlement.
My screen name on that website is not “burnside”.I’m on to my second screen name.I hadn’t visited for a while and,when i did
go back,i had to re-register because i had forgotten my details.

According to the Scottish Daily Record,First Minister,Jack McConnell,has stated that catholic schools will not be able to opt-out of the plans to provide more sex information in schools.
Our First Minister married a catholic but,some years ago,had an extra-marital affair.More recently,he has been in trouble over a holiday he took with a female news broadcaster and never declared it.His problem here is nothing to do with adultery,just that it is being seen as manipulation of the media.

Before any legislation is passed or decisions made on this issue, every legislator in Scotland ( and the Untied States, for that matter), should read Kinsey, Crimes and Consequences by Dr. Judith Reisman.
A little research on the origin of “sex ed” in the schools wouold be a real eye-opener.

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