Catholic Education Resources


Please list your best free catholic educational resources and include a short description of each

Institute of Catholic Culture -
IOS App -
This is a wonderful site for free higher education concerning the Catholic Faith. Hundreds of video and audio lectures with notes to follow along. You can enjoy a journey to a better understanding of the Catholic Faith from the comfort of your home at no charge to you.

Catholic Answers -
Stay one step ahead of the next person who questions your faith with Catholic Answers. This site provides a steady flow of answers to some of the hardest questions we face as Catholics.

Catholic Encyclopedia -
A free online encyclopedia that can be downloaded for $19.99. This site also provide access to the writings of the Church Fathers and much more.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library -
Direct Link to Church Fathers -
The link to the home page is provided but what really shines at this site is the free access to the writings of the Church Fathers. The site also provides you the ability to download various formats of the writings at no charge to you. This way you can read the Church Fathers on the device of your choice at your own convenience.

A free app with complete access to the 2nd Catholic Edition of the RSV currently one of the most technically accurate English translations of the Holy Scriptures.

God Bless Fr. J. Corapi YouTube Channel -
Catechism Playlist -
One of the best teachers of the faith in my opinion. This YouTube Channel offers a 50 part playlist that covers the entire catechism as taught by Fr. J. Corapi.


Institute of Catholic Culture for sure!



Try this:

I also have a personal website which contains other resources and charts in addition to some pages on Sacred Tradition, Holy Scripture and Church History. Unfortunately, CAF will not allow me to post a link because it will be considered a spam. However, if you click on my username above, you will find a link to my website. Check it out.


Catena Bible App -
This app allows you to select any verse in the Bible and see what the Church Fathers said about that verse.

Sefaria -
A one stop shop for a huge library of Jewish biblical scholarship. They have an app available as well.


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