Catholic elements in film, "Snow White and the Huntsman?"

They also cut off their heel and toe respectively to try and fit the glass slipper. In a version I have, they’re riding along in a carriage and the birds sing:

“There they go! There they go!
There’s blood on the shoe! The shoe is too small!
Not the right bride for you at all!”


There’s also a version of Sleeping Beauty where the prince rapes the princess, she wakes up when one of the babies sucks the splinter out of her thumb.

Another version of Little Red Riding Hood (can’t remember if it’s German or Italian), has a part where our heroine cannibalizes her grandmother. (Yes, seriously.)

In their version of Rapunzel, the witch blinds both Rapunzel and the Prince and leaves them out to fend for themselves in the wilderness. :eek:

Among many other instances. There’s peasant morality for ya. LOL.

I wouldn’t say it was so much peasant morality as it was “peasants are bored so they tell stories about the harsh realities of peasant life” because niceties were for nobles. It’s hard to care about etiquette when you’re worried about where your next meal is coming from.

Plus, there’s sort of a love triangle in the movie between her, the huntsman, and the prince. Attemmpt to capitalize on Twilight, anyone?:rolleyes:

shrugs Twilight didn’t invent the love triangle, and technically, William isn’t a prince, he’s the duke’s son.

I can definitely see it been an attempt to make the story Tolkien lite. However the hilarious thing is of course that in the books Arwen is offstage for 99 percent of the text and although Eowyn is a warrior and a shield maiden Tolkien makes it plain he thinks that is out of frustration and not where her real role lies. Although getting into Tolkien’s views on women would be a whole thread of it’s own and he’s often been accussed unfairly of regarding women as purely passive,

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