Catholic End Times ...What does the Cardinal mean?


As Cardinal Ratzinger recently pointed out (in the context of the message of Fátima), we are not at the end of the world. In fact, the Second Coming (understood as the physical return of Christ) cannot occur until the full number of the Gentiles are converted, followed by “all Israel.”

Okay, I think this is the correct thread for this question.
I don’t understand what the Cardinal means by the full number of the Gentiles are converted? Is this something the world will know or feel. Will only God know when his happens? Does the conversion mean converted to believing in the Messiah? Please some clarity on this subject. My ignorance is obvious. Thank you in advance.


Cardinal Ratzinger made these comments recently? He’s been Benedict XVI for a dozen or so years now…


The full number of Gentiles is something that only God knows. Only He knows those He called to and predestined for salvation. We Catholics are considered Gentiles too. So, the full number of Gentiles converted are those souls outside of Israel (the people, not the modern country) is referring to every soul in the fullness of time which He called to and predestined for salvation. Conversion in this sense is known as metanoia or conversion of heart from sin and death to God and life. This metanoia and salvation is only within the bounds of the Church, but where exactly do those bounds end? I think Patriarch Athenagoras of Constantinople, to which Pope Paul VI agreed, said it best, "We know where the Church is, not where it is not.

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if you dot the dots you can see timelines etc, the gospel tells us that the gospel will be preached to the whole world then Christ will come again, it tells us that the Jews will be converted in the end days, it tells us that the Anti Christ can not appear until the one holding him back is removed and when he does appear Christ will soon follow.(the one holding him back is the Eucharist and when the churches are closed and we can no longer receive him, then the anti Christ will appear)

We are seeing this today in many countries like china etc that are converting to the gospel of Christ as they are only hearing it now for the first time.
God has told us that our names are written in the book of life and all those in that book most be brought into the sheep fold and once that is done the gate will close and all those outside will die.
Once the great Battle is over when Christ and his bride are victorious there will be no more evil and the world will know real peace for a time of 1000 years, we hope to see that in our day. and afterwards comes Judgement of the world and that is the end.


The visions of Pope St. Pius X seem to indicate that the last days of the world have already begun. Some think that Hitler was the anti-Christ, and I share that opinion. It may be later than we think.

My opinion is that the return of Jesus is the same as the arrival of our Creator as predicted in Psalm 9:15-16, Isaiah 66:15-16, Jeremiah 25:32-33, and Luke 12:49. The 21st century global nuclear war is the 2nd coming.
As Patty Griffin wrote: “He burned down the house to announce His arrival.”


I very much doubt the occurrence of such visions. Leo XIII’s supposed vision with the St Michael prayer has been debunked countless times, and it involves exactly the same basic characteristics: popes falling to the ground in the midst of official business, having some sort of trance, etc, etc, etc. It’s all glorified nonsense.


Pope St. Pius X was a visionary who saw the coming of WW I when no one else did. He was not beatified for nothing. In any case we will be finding out soon if his two visions are valid.
The correct interpretation is that they apply to two different people, and that means that these visions must refer to our present unusual situation where both a Pope and a “successor” reside in Vatican City at the same time.


As I’ve said before, I’ve never seen a reliable source for either these of their Leonine equivalent. They seem like a pious fraud, from what I can tell.


I think is can be a reference to Benedict XVI’s book Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week from 2011.

“Israel is in the hands of God, who will save it ‘as a whole’ at the proper time, when the number of Gentiles is full,”


@ Vico, … “made these comments recently” is part of the quote rather than a current statement, which is why I provided the link. The link is not dated. I am confused and seeking an answer to my question about Gentiles converted …


Yes, he is not a Cardinal anymore… mute point. Can you shed some light on this?
As Cardinal Ratzinger recently pointed out (in the context of the message of Fátima), we are not at the end of the world. In fact, the Second Coming (understood as the physical return of Christ) cannot occur until the full number of the Gentiles are converted, followed by “all Israel.”

The number of gentiles is full… what does that really mean? Those in the Book are converted…none remaining? Not sure?


Interesting side topic. It seems logical that the Eucharist can hold back the antichrist but is that Catholic theology? What does the church teach on this? Does anyone know?


I have no clue what you are trying to say. Can you elaborate?



There’s a lot that has to happen first. Even if we are in the beginning of the minor apostasy or the chastisement (which is questionable), we still have the age of peace, the great monarch, the conversion of the Jews, and the great apostasy to go through before the antichrist and the Second Coming.


Ye s, yes that is what I was looking for… Thank you.
11:5-7 After this they all will return from their exile and will rebuild Jerusalem in splendor; and in it the temple of God will be rebuilt, just as the prophets of Israel have said concerning it. 6 Then the nations in the whole world will all be converted and worship God in truth. They will all abandon their idols, which deceitfully have led them into their error; 7 and in righteousness they will praise the eternal God. All the Israelites who are saved in those days and are truly mindful of God will be gathered together; they will go to Jerusalem and live in safety forever in the land of Abraham, and it will be given over to them. Those who sincerely love God will rejoice, but those who commit sin and injustice will vanish from all the earth.

Now the Word in italics above is what seems to be the “conversion” … so it IS the whole world. All on bended knee…so all people will be anxiously awaiting the return… How Glorious… am I interpreting this correctly?


Yes, Angel2 I realize that… this is what lead me to my questions. Thank you for your reply.


The first references we have to these visions comes from decades later, and they became progressively more elaborate over the years. Pope Leo most probably never had a vision, and we have no evidence Saint Pius did either. I am speaking of @undead_rat’s comment. See earlier.


I get it. (no small feat :slight_smile: ) Thank you so much for your explanation. You are so very articulate and knowledgeable. This is what my mind needed to find clarity.


I changed the title of the thread to say What did the cardinal mean instead of What does the cardinal… my mistake and thank you pointing out my error.

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