Catholic ePub or PDF books

I have noticed that many Catholic books are not available on Kindle or iBooks or Barnes and Noble. Does anyone know an online source to get Catholic books in ePub or PDF format?

Hi, I don’t know any sources. But I would also like to know where to get them. Hopefully, someone will post a reply soon.

I hope this will help you can use a program call Adobe Reader 9 ther is also Reader for PCthere is also Adobe Digital Editions. I was told that Kindle are not accept in Canadian Library program

There are many Catholic books available on kindle, many of them do not come out when the paper book comes out but are usually available soon after to about 6 months later. I have on my kindle books by Christopher West, Jason Evert, Lino Ruillo. JPII and Pope Benedict’s books are available. Chris Padgett, Matthew Kelly. There are books for Advent and Lent reflections. I have a 2009 and 2010 yearly devotional put out by St Anthony’s Messenger, a lot of their other books are also available for kindle. There are books on Lectio Divina, prayer, the Blessed Virgin, Mass, spiritual growth, dating, married life. Are you checking amazon? Most if not all G. K. Chesterton books are available free for kindle.

I can’t answer about the other e readers but I would assume they would also have these books available.

You’ll find over two hundred different free e-books, mainly in PDF format on Saints’ Books (

I would suggest perhaps trying some of the meditation books with a meditation for every day of Lent, when Lent comes around. But there are plenty others, mainly works of the saints.

St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori is a particularly good read, in such works such as ‘The True Spouse of Jesus Christ’ or something also suitable for Lent, ‘Preparation for Death’. Then there’s also St. Bridget of Sweden’s Revelations, or St. Francis de Sale’s ‘Introduction to the Devout Life’ and ‘Mystical Flora’ which are very pleasant reads.

Then there are plenty of other flowers too.

‘I have my room, some books and a nearby chapel. That is complete happiness.’

St. Miguel of Ecuador

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