Catholic Etiquette questions

Hello all! I became Catholic last year, and have some questions regarding Saints medals, head coverings and scapulars.

I mainly wear a Blessed Mother Mary medal on a chain. I do have other Saints medals I would like to wear, but I was wondering if it was disrespectful to lump the medals together to wear them, particularly with Mary?

I love the mantilla (head covering) that women wear to Mass. From what I understand, it’s a sign of being a Bride of Christ. Is that right? Well, I would like to wear one, but I’m wondering if it’s okay to wear one since I’m married, and also, if I have to wear a dress or skirt with it. I wear nice pants and shirts to Mass. I’m very overweight, so don’t really have an appropriate dress I can wear. Most of the women I see wearing mantillas are wearing dresses or skirts.

Regarding scapulars, I read that in order to wear a scapular, you have to enroll in the Brown Scapular order (I believe that’s what it’s called) if you want to wear a brown scapular. Is that true?


Most people wear one medal at a time, but my mother used to “lump them together” as you say. It’s fine. Perhaps you can have various chains, and rotate their use.

Veiling is no longer required of faithful Catholic women, but some people still do. It’s not forbidden. Veiling is kind of a “hot topic” here…usually garnering heated debate. Just sayin’

Wear whatever you like to Mass that is clean and modest.

Various scapulars have an “investiture” and certain prayers and components to them. Again, the use of scapulars are a private devotion. Not required, but many find them beneficial to their personal spirituality.

Hope this helps.

Hi DoxieMama,

I wear more than one medal at a time. I just think that it’s your personal choice as to whether or not you want to do that.

As to whether or not you want to wear a mantilla or a veil, it’s not required anymore. So again, that would be up to you. :slight_smile:

You don’t have to be enrolled in order to wear a brown scapular. You can have a priest bless one for you like you would have a priest bless any other sacramental.

However, if you want to be enrolled, that’s great. I had a priest friend enroll me years ago. :slight_smile:

Do not worry about wearing a veil with slacks :slight_smile: A lot of women who are inclined to wear veils are also (but separately) inclined to wear skirts, either to Mass or all the time.

I wear all my medals together on one chain. I don’t like my chains getting mixed up. You don’t have to be unmarried to wear a veil to Mass, or to wear any other special clothes. There are lots of different scapulars and you can ask your priest to bless one. You can also ask your priest to enroll you in the order of the Brown Scapular is you like.

Why would veiling be a “hot topic” or garner a heated debate? I must have missed those threads.

Becasuse some people get SOOOOO mad for no reason when anybody dare say she wants to wear a veil, yelling about patriarchy, dominance over women, ect,and likewise others get SOOOO mad when one dares say she does not wear a veil, yelling about immodesty and hair and ect…

Why is it a hot topic? because on both sides people are way over emotional.

I love seeing women veiled at mass, usually means they are pious and devout, but I dont even notice if they are not. I dont think about it. I am indifferent really.

But many people are…well…anything BUT indifferent.

I wear pants and a headcovering to Mass regularly. I’m not the only one in our parish, either. For daily Mass I’ve even worn a headcovering with jeans. :eek:

(I am married, by the way. It used to be in some cultures that the color of a headcovering said something about your marital status, but that’s not the case anymore.)

You do need to enroll in the Brown Scapular the first time, but afterwards any replacement will not need to be blessed.

Chapel veils. :eek: Be very careful on here.

My post asking about Chapel veils was deleted by admin. Don’t know why, I posted one day got a couple replies, no problems, came back two days later and it had been deleted. Things must have got rough in between. :slight_smile:

You can wear a veil if you choose and yes you can wear one with pants to Mass.

I wear two medallions with my crucifix in a necklace.

Yeah. You missed them

They are most amusing to me.


As for the color of a veil, the tradition used to be that those who were married would wear black or darker colors. But unless you live in a region where this sort of tradition is still in place, wear what you like. :slight_smile:

(Quite a few participants on the above thread have since been banned… :whistle:)


I notice that thread was from 2010. I joined in 2008.
I think veils and mantillas are beautiful. So many colors and styles and designs.

That is my mom too…! And dad says one of these days the bed is going to fall flat due to all the saints sleeping there! :slight_smile: 58 years together and they still laugh about that…

Thanks for the replies and the heads up about head coverings. I apologize for mentioning it on here.

Does anyone happen to wear the brown scapular? May I ask why one needs to be enrolled in an order? I need to learn more about that.

I don’t believe head coverings or veils is a banned topic so you don’t need to apologize.

Here’s some info on the Scapular. You don’t join an order…it’s called “enrollment”. Basically a promise to do the devotions and prayers.


I am enrolled. It is very easy and my pastor took two minutes after Mass one day to do it.

Thanks everyone!

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