Catholic Eucharistic Minister at Reformation Church


Hello! I have been asked (as a practicing Catholic) to be a “Eucharistic minister” at my niece’s Methodist wedding. I know that I should not receive communion there, but can I distribute their communion? Thanks!


I would not. They don’t have the Eucharist or believe in the real presence. By participating, you are giving an appearance of legitimacy to that invalid practice. It would be better, though, to consult your pastor.


How can you give of something you haven’t received?


Some of us don’t even feel to do it in a Catholic Church. Hope that helps you after you make your decision.


If you know not to receive there why would you feel okay about distribution their communion?


No, you cannot.

I’m surprised you don’t know the answer to this question as someone trained as an EMHC.


Yeah its best if you don’t.


For you to become a ‘minister of communion’ at a Methodist ‘mass’ would be tantamount to committing apostasy.


I must have missed the part where the OP stated she is a trained EMHC. I understood the title and original post to mean she has been asked to distribute communion at a Methodist wedding ceremony simply because it’s her niece’s wedding…which she can’t, as you stated. :thinking:


Ah you are correct, I don’t know where I got that idea!


Absolutely not. (16 characters)


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