Catholic Evangelizers: What do you think are the main reasons people reject Catholicism?

i tend to think it is mostly pride… (but maybe i think that because of the particular anti-Catholics i have run into?)

What do you think are the 3 main reasons?

Conversion requires humility. If it was difficult for Scott Hahn, humble as he is, imagine how difficult it is for other non-Catholics to admit that they are in the wrong. So you’re right, pride is the biggest problem.

The other two might be insecurity and cowardice.

I’m a coward if I don’t see things your way?

That’s an obnoxious thought.

  1. rejection of authority
  2. misunderstanding & misconception of Catholicism
  3. preference for a denomination that suits personal beliefs

fear. most fear. since they been tought to watch out to stay away from the anti christ Church.

I am offended by your comments but think your post deserves a better response than my last post.

As someone who is attending RCIA at the present (not remotely anti-Catholic), I am extremely put off by the anti-protestant comments I occasionally read here.

I don’t plan on letting individuals, good or bad, determine whether I eventually convert. This is about truth, not likeability. However, having said that, the original post was about evangelization. May I suggest that:

Calling people cowards if they don’t see things your way,
Calling people prideful if they don’t see things your way,
Calling people insecure if they don’t see things your way,

is likely to interfere with evangelization because people are likely to take offense at your comments and their anger (completely justifiable anger) at comments may make it harder to see the truth in the message you wish to advance.

If that’s your attitude, it’s going to come through when you speak to people and I think it hinders any message you wish to get across.

I did apologetics for decades, only in the sense that I offered
challenge - when I heard Catholic doctrine or practice incorrectly stated.

Part of the belief, of the CC, is that she is the sole repository of
theological truth, and that her teaching office is infallible, in matters
of faith and of moral behavior. Members, of this particular faith,
may well find it difficult and/or puzzling - when the claims of their church
are treated as one set of claims, among others - in terms of world religions.

It is understandable - that a member, of this earliest ecclesisal entity,
would wish to share these truths with others.

It would help, I think, were the Christain churches to refer to the 'good news,'
and not the ‘gospel.’ The word ‘gospel’ may hold no meaning for others, around the world,
but ‘good news’ may well resonate, given human nature. “I come, bringing good news.”

Acceptance of Christian beliefs, accounts for 2 of 7 people on the planet. [rough numbers]
1 of 7 accepts the Catholic faith. [upper graph]

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Even if we count all of the Christian churches together, this still accounts
for only 2 of 7 people, in the world. [lower graph = combined Christian membership.]

The U.S. is predominantly Christian, in terms of religious belief.
Are conversions often a matter of one Christian - from a given denomination -
becoming a member of another Christian church?

My own ‘catechism’ speaks of the matter of conversion,

What of the faith statements of the major world religions?
These express:

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…often based on scriptures.


  1. They don’t believe the Bible is the word of God.


  1. They don’t believe the Catholic church is right in their interpretation of the Bible

on every day stuff, the word ‘catholic’.

That tends to set them on edge from the very start.

Unknown. Most people I know are living in the US, so I can’t speak about around the world, just around here. I’d say the first reason I’ve seen is that lots of people find the Christian claims rather unbelievable (like the Incarnation), if not repulsive (like hell is forever). Another appears to be that some people have no strong motivation to look into Christianity, they like their way of viewing things just fine, it works for them, so why go to maybe a year of trouble researching just one particular group, like Catholics? The information probably doesn’t seem likely to benefit them enough to take the trouble. Finally, I think it helps to know someone who is attractive as a Christian, who inspires them to aspire to holiness. Not everyone can point to such a person in their life, at least, not a Catholic person.

Of course, there is the Holy Spirit. This is a given from the get go.

In my little world, the reasons people reject Catholicism are:

  1. The Church tries to tell you how to run your sex life. (Their response: MYOB, please!)

  2. Nobody in my family is Catholic, and I would be lonely.

  3. Everyone in my family is Catholic, and they are completely messed up with divorce, out-of-wedlock pregnancies, and drugs. They don’t seem to take the teachings all that seriously, so why should I?

Beginning evangelization…by indicating that one wishes
to share good news, might help.

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A sea-change has occured - starting about 65 years ago.
[This may well affect efforts at evangelization.]

This sea-change consisted, primarily - in modern medicine being able to
remove many causes of early death - with the introduction of
anti-biotics, at first - and then, going forward, to introduce
marvels of medical technologies, heading off some medical
conditions, that took life, in earlier generations.

Modern life, in the Western nations, has not the tentative quality that it displayed, for centuries.

I don’t live in the same world that my grandmother and her
mother did. My grandmother lived until age 94.

[The Titanic sank, when Gram was 17 years old - she having been born in 1895. I asked her about it, and she remembered.]

It was in listening to my grandmother, that I understood
how greatly life has changed, in this past century.
That surely must have an impact - not only in evangelizing,
but even in retaining current membership.

Just my thought.


i also believe that many people never even heard of the CC.

I would say to solve this problem. we need to place a huge billboard in every town saying: what do you know about the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church? She is 2000 years old.

Well, I don’t know why people reject Catholicism who aren’t Christians, but I have heard arguments from Protestants a lot.

  1. They dislike the idea of the Pope.
  2. They dislike the idea of praying to Saints
  3. They dislike the idea of confessing to a Priest

These are the three things that I’ve seen as I talk to Protestants that they all seem to have preconceived notions of, and they’ll listen when you try to explain it to them or talk with them about it, but whenever I’ve explained it, I get the feeling that they still don’t understand.

People do not go seeking for something - that is not felt as a lack.

It has been 20 centuries - since Christ is said to have founded a Church.
If the Holy Spirit guides this church, how is that - 2,000 years later -
soley 14% of human beings, profess Catholicism?

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I find this puzzling.


Actually, I misunderstood the question. I thought the question meant, “why don’t people convert when they’re convinced that Catholicism is right?”

So I thought cowardice could be one reason.

Sorry, I misunderstood the question. Didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Sorry again. Forgive me.

I think Jesus has the answer for you.

Matthew 7:14
"For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few."

very good. i also mention this. Jesus said that one day the door will be shot and no one will be able to enter just like Noah’s ark.

Like people already said, especially to Protestants.

I think the big one is pride, ties in with the rejection of a supposedly man-made authority. “Don’t need a pope telling me what to do. All I need is Jesus.” “Why confess to a priest? All I need to do is confess to Jesus.”

Personal preferences second. Someone’s girlfriend or wife, parents, close friends, they are all Protestants. Too inconvenient.

Personally, I’ve stopped evangelizing for several weeks now. You only reach a certain point. I’m just annoying after a while. Plus I find my own faith takes a good dive from my own pride during heated conversations and I havta get away from it, get back on track. Right now I got this attitude. I’ve done what I think I can, I tried not to lose my cool. Let 'em come back themselves, it’s their decision and free will to do so after all.

Had Jesus been God/son of God, I rather doubt that he would have noted that billions upon billions of human beings were created - by he or his father - only to ‘miss the boat’ [barque of Peter?] [eternal salvation?]

Am I to understand that even ‘baptism of desire’ still ends up
with the select few saved? “…those who find it are few?”]

This says more - about the God of Christianity -
than it does in terms of poor, hapless humanity.

How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life.
And those who find it are few. [Matt.7:14]


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