Catholic Evidence Guild is Alive and Well

****Hi All

I am a member of the Catholice Evidence Guild of New York City.
We a small, but growing group of about 10 members currently.

We are holding FREE apologetic classes, for 5 Wednesdays beginning on May 28th from 6:15-7:15 at the Cathedral of St. Patricks rectory in New York City, 51st Street, west of Madison Ave.

If you want to know how our faith is reasonable, or how to justify it, Why the Catholic Church, What is life’s purpose, What do we mean by SUPERnatural life, and how do we know the answers? Come by and listen to members of the Guild give answers to these questions and other topice to be discussed.

The meeting will be led by members of the Guild

So, if anyone is in the New York CIty area come by and remember its FREE

God Bless

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