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I’ve been looking for a web site for the Catholic Evidence Guild. There was an old thread from about 4 years ago on CAF that linked to the CEG, but the link no longer works.

I know they are active in New York. Anybody have contact info?


What is their objective? What kind of evidences? Evidences for what? Why build a guild, doesnt the vatican already try to tackle these things?


This is a lay organization for street evangelization founded by Frank Sheed and his wife, Mazie Ward, that achieved prominence in the 1930s. They produced a strong program for formation of evangelists/apologists, who witnessed in places like London’s Hyde Park.


Are you looking for snail mail, website, or either? I found this address on the Envoy website:

Catholic Evidence Guild
PO Box 55
Larchmont, NY 10538

It’s the same address listed in the second article you linked to (which is from 1999). The listing on Envoy’s page is from issue 4.6, which came out around the year 2000, so that might not be current. I tried searching under the address at both and and nothing came up.

Is this the old thread you were talking about? Patrick Sweeny (the OP of that thread and speaker for the CEG) has his blog (Extreme Catholic) in his signature. It appears that the blog is still active. I think it might be against forum rules to post his email address, but it’s there on his blog. You could try emailing him as he would probably know the most recent contact info.

He still has the website in the links on his blog. Maybe the website is just down temporarily. :shrug:


You are so SMART! I knew I would get help (now, why didn’t I think of that?). I saw the snail address from 9 years ago and since it was a box number judged it to be dead (not a wise thought).


:tiphat: I do what I can. :slight_smile:

I’d probably start by emailing Pat Sweeny just to be sure that the PO Box is still current.


I already did that!


Hi MercyGate
I am a member of the Catholic Evidence Guild in New York City. We are just ending our weekly training class for new members for the year. We were meeting at St. Malachy’s on 49th St. But, we will be holding informal meetings at St. Patricks, in the Parish House very soon. It will consist of 4-5 weeks of meetings giving a basic overview of Apologetics.
When I get more details, I’ll be happy to pass them along to you.

We also have our monthly meetings “on the streets”. Our next outdoor session will be the Saturday of Memorial day weekend in Washington Square Park, by NYU. We meet between 1-5pm.

Come by and say “HI”… we defend the faith with “gentleness and reverance”

God Bless


Thanks, Bobbymac! I would like to follow up on this. I have an acquaintance from Queens who works with the CEG, and can also contact him. Feel free to pm or e-mail me as your plans get firmed up for the summer.

Note who wrote my sig!


Hi Mercygate and anyone else,

I just wanted to get back to you and to let everyone else know that the Catholic Evidence Guild will be holding 5 FREE Apologetic classes beginning on Wednesday May 28th from 6:15-7:45 at the Cathedral of St. Patrick, Rectory, 51st street, west of Madison Ave in NYC
The classes will take up the issues of how our faith is reasonable and how do we justify it, Why the Catholic Church, What is life’s purpose, What do we mean by Supernatural life and How do we know the answers and other topics.
The classes will be led by members of the Catholic Evidence Guild of NY.

Everyone is Welcome

God Bless All


THANK you for this. Will it be five Wednesdays? Five consecutive days? Help.


hi mercygate;
Sorry for the confusion…
its each wednesday beginning on 5/28, 6/4,6/11,6/18,6/25.

Anyone in the ny metro area is invited to join…and its FREE.

God Bless


I’m going to try for this. I have a 3:00 p.m. meeting in the Bronx (:juggle: ) on the 28th and might not be able to run up and down the island . . . But the other weeks I will try.


Hi Mercygate

I hope you can make the meeting on 5/28. If not, and your in NYC this Sunday in the area of Washington Sq. Park, come by and see the Evidence Guild in action.

Our group will the in the park between 1pm-5pm. Look for our stand and our speakers podium with the Catholic Evidence Guild sign on it.

We always get a lively crowd.

God Bless


How can we start or learn more about joining a Catholic Evidence Guild?



I found this link for the Catholic Evidence Guild of Guam.

After a cursory review, this site seems to be faithful to the Magisterium. However, I would need to look more closely.


Hi Scylla

The Catholic Evidence Guild is holding the last FREE class on apologetics at St. Patricks, in the Parish House, on Wendesday at 6:15pm.

If you are in NYC come on by and learn about the Guild.

God Bless


send a message to bobbymac – post 14.


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