Catholic exchange students


My 14 year old daughter has shown an interest in being a foriegn excange student in a couple of years (maybe her junior or senior year of highschool). I am just wondering if there are any Catholic programs out there. She goes to a public school. Any ideas? Thanks.


In high school, I spent a summer in Spain with the Foundation for International Cooperation ( At a quick glance on the website, I didn’t see a religious affiliation, but our group in Buffalo definitely was. All meetings were held at a church and included a send-off and welcome home Mass.


I was an exchange student with AFS - American Field Services. I left at 16!! and spent a year in Italy. My mom was so sad and scared to send her baby off, but my dad knew I would be ok:thumbsup: I had to raise the money and did so the summer before–I think it was about $1500 (that was over 10 years ago) When you applied, you could ask for requested first second and third countries. And then you could ask to be placed with a Catholic family, non-smoking, pets yes/no, kids, ages, boys/girls…everything. It was a WONDERFUL!!! experience. I left Italy fluent in Italian and with an appreciation for the culture and a new understanding of the world. Let her GO!!! I can not stress how life changing this experience was for me. I was called to do it. Just one day at 15, I thought hmmmm, I think I want to do that–mentioned it to my parents thinking they would say NO WAY! but they said to get more info…the rest is history.


:smiley: how about this?
suggest your daughter to come here to croatia - it’s a 90% catholic country :smiley:
or poland, for instance.
so you don’t have to worry about the program - there are catholic churches every 700 meters here :smiley:


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