Catholic Facebook Groups? (that are not extreme?)

Hope you find such a site, I’m actually going to delete CAF soon as I post this, I’m really tired of the almost idol worship some posters show towards Trump here. I posted a pic of Trump with a pacifier earlier today, thought it was pretty funny, obviously one or more were so devastated by it they flagged it and had it removed, that’s how pathetic it’s become, funny thing is I voted for Trump, no doubt one or more will flag this post also, so just like I got rid of all the nonsense on cable news so same with CAF, time for some sanity.


I noticed that. I’ll PM you about some I go to and see if they are what you are looking for.

I only belong to three facebook groups, personally. They are:

They are traditional Catholics, to be sure. But not the cringey TLM only sort lol

I’m on FB and am part of the group Our Lady’s Brown Scapular and the Rosary to Save the World

Don’t be put off by the title - it’s more a devotional FB group.

If you’re a female, there’s a “Faithful Science Minded Catholic Women” group you can join. We’re a regular group of ladies committed to the truth and our Catholic faith. We chat about life, our beliefs, and cool science things, but oppose all the extremism and woo which is often found unfortunately in so many Facebook Catholic groups.

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