Catholic Faith Home Study Courses

I know this is the apologetic forum but you can’t defend the faith if you don’t know the faith. I don’t know if forum participants know but there is a apostolate that provides home study courses on the faith. It is called the Marian Catechist Apostolate. It was started by Fr. John Hardon and is now carried on by Cardinal Archbishop Burke. They have their website at:

Not all dioceses accept this for Catechist certification but the list who do is growing.

The course(s) come in basic (16 lessons) and advanced (36 lessons). Every lesson has you reading the CCC as well as looking up definitions in the (supplied) Catholic dictionary. After that you can begin reading the material for the particular lesson. The lessons ends with “Spiritual Practices” which helps you to grow not only in knowledge (intellect) but spiritually (will). Finally there are test questions which number anywhere from 50 to 150 and are not to be treated lightly.

Want to grow in the faith? Check these courses out!

Thank you!!

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