Catholic Family Branded as "Bigoted" by Social Workers in Britain for Not Wanting Children to Be Adopted by Gay Couple


People get called bigoted for all kinds of things. The judge even criticized the social workers. The real news story is that the parents requested Roman Catholic adoptive parents for their child and were denied that by the court. Not sure whether that’s typical in other parts of the world (such as the United States) or if you essentially have no right to say what kind of adoptive parents you desire for a child one is giving up for adoption.

I wonder if they’d say the same thing to a Muslim family.

That’s what people do when they have nothing else to stand on…they call people names.

In Canada we have the Catholic Children’s Aid Society where where birth parents can request to have the child raised by a Catholic family.

That is an excellent idea but I’m surprised it does not run afoul of some anti-discrimination law.
No Catholic parent should agree to adoption by a gay couple.

To be fair to the social workers, how would you feel if an atheist family didn’t want their children to be adopted by a religious family. I would suspect we’d all be pretty cheesed.

“To be fair to the social workers, how would you feel if an atheist family didn’t want their children to be adopted by a religious family. I would suspect we’d all be pretty cheesed.”

I actually feel that the agency of the social workers would be fine with that restriction!

On the contrary, I’d find it encouraging that they would take the biological parent’s wishes seriously when it comes to how they would like the child to be raised. It makes it all the more likely my own wishes would be considered should I ever be in need of such services.

But at the same time, I probably would try to avoid agencies that are rooted in other faith traditions. I think it’d be pretty obvious they would lean towards families of similar backgrounds.

But a public agency with no ties to anyone? Yeah…it’s nice to know they’d consider such wishes.

A more off-topic but as important question…

Why do people still read The Daily Mail for news?

Of course, the other option for the parents would be to provide appropriate education, health care, and material resources for their children! They weren’t behaving like parents should, and they have little room to criticize other potential parents. If you can’t provide for your child’s most basic needs and someone else will, I have trouble believing the children are that much worse off. Religious compatibility is important, but so is basic physical care. Hopefully, what we do know is that these parents will insure the children are not dirty, physically abused, or ill without medical attention. The family was receiving charitable assistance, so if they truly were concerned about their children, they could have just provided basic, minimally appropriate conditions.

This was not at case of a child “being given up for adoption”. The child was taken into care for abuse.


Poverty can be dehumanizing on several levels, clouding good parental judgment with many mouths to feed.

The optimal adoptive home is still not one that only addresses physical and educational needs of growing children.

If a young unmarried Christian woman has to put her baby for adoption, should her wish for a traditional caring man-woman couple be disregarded? Should both parents who faithfully practiced their faith be killed in an accident, would they want their young son or daughter raised by gay “parents”?

This is the tragedy with the closure of Catholic adoption agencies secondary to a conflict with the state promotion of gay “marriage.” The whole society is disadvantaged as gay parenting is made equal to parenting by an adoptive dad and mum.

From the article,

Social workers found the children were not going to school or getting medical care, and were ‘over-chastised’, dirty and unkempt.

They said the parents failed to keep one of the younger boys in a ‘smoke-free area’.

I can understand that the above home environment could be considered as abusive. But so is placing the children with gay adoptive parents. The current Pope had words with this message, which some Catholics just ignore.

I bet these social workers would say no such thing in British towns like Birmingham. Or, if they do, Muslims would just laugh it off. But placing Muslim children with gay adoptive “parents”? That may invite a fatwa!

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