Catholic Familyland


Has anyone been camping at Catholic Familyland in Ohio?
How did you like it?


No personal experience, but friends of ours have gone w/ their 6 kids and LOVED it. —KCT


I haven’t gone, either, but several families around here go every year. They rave and rave about it. In fact, they have a prayer group that meets weekly and does the catechesis, prayer and fellowship program.

One thing they have all mentioned is that their kids really appreciate being with other kids who share the same worldview. They don’t feel different for being devout Catholics.


Hey, BTW.

I think we are going to go.


I have only just recently been hearing about Catholic Familyland. Apparently, it is family camping, lots of Catholic activities and traditions (such as frequent Rosaries), inexpensive and lots of fun. I know large families who go and love it. Wish I had heard about it when my kids (now teens) were younger. I just saw the website so I thought I would post it. It is sponsored by or somehow tied to Franciscan University at Steubenville Ohio, I think.


I just recently heard about it too…like just now reading this thread.


They are having a youth retreat and a men’s silent retreat next month.


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