Catholic Filmmakers

My son recently completed a short video project as part of a contest to promote the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I think he shows some talent, but maybe that's just the "Dad" in me talking. Does anyone know of opportunities for aspiring filmmakers who are interested in exploring Catholic themes. He'd be happy to hear feedback if you view it on Youtube -- here is the link to his video:

Nice video.
I know that John Paul the Great University has film programs if he is interested:
Otherwise, I would just say thay in addition to studying filmmaking, learn some good theology and figure out ways to incorporate it into his work, as any good artist does.

While I don't know of any programs etc. I wonder if it would be useful to contact EWTN. They might know of programs, and they might also be willing to "Air" some of the output. This could be a benefit for all.


Thanks for the replies.

JRKH --I checked out EWTN and that’s a great suggestion. My son’s a sophomore in HS now and that looks like a nice place to do an internship.

Rockules – I also checked out the John Paul the Great U. website. It’s encouraging to see a Catholic University that is trying to make inroads in the media, including the new media. They’ve got a great location, too, in sunny San Diego.

That looks like an awesome project. How long did it take to make?

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