Catholic for a Free Choice

  1. They take money from the pornography industry.
  2. They openly defiy church teaching on abortion not only un the US but worldwide.
  3. They are branching up to other countries.
  4. One of their directors is moral theology professor in a Catholic, well Jesuit university.
    What is the official US bishop Conference position on them?


What they are doing is evil. They are simply picking and choosing Church teachings as they see fit. They have set themselves up as their own private Magisterium.

May God have absolute wrath upon their work and institution, while showing love, forgiveness, and abundant mercy on the people who are involved with their organization.


Are they excommunicated?
Why Maguire is even allowed to teach in a Catholic (well Jesuit) university? That will be unthinkable in even European Churches.


Bishop Bruskewitz excommunicated group members in his diocese, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Others would say that joining the group incurs latae sententiae excommuncation based on canon law and therefore individual action by the bishops is redundant.

It is quite a scandal that a member of this organization would be allowed to teach at any Catholic-affiliated institution. However, many colleges are Catholic in name only and some have been told to stop presenting themselves as “Catholic”.


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