Catholic for a Reason II vs. Hail, Holy Queen -?

I am looking to pick up one of Scott Hahn’s books about Mary, but I’m not sure about which to start with. I read the first book of the “Catholic for a Reason” series and am inclined to pick up the next one: “Catholic for a Reason II: Scripture and the Mystery of the Mother of God”, but I have also heard “Hail, Holy Queen” recommended on CA Live as well.

Is there a difference?

Any thoughts/suggestions?

If you read the first Catholic For A Reason, then you know that it isn’t Scott Hahn’s book per se, but rather he is the general editor of it and has contributed a chapter, whileHail Holy Queen is completely his work.

Both cover many of the same subjects, and obviously Hahnis ok wih the POV of the other writers or he wouldn’t have asked them to contribute.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Good point, thank you!

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